Changing my name on here is one of the first steps in my transition.

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If you don’t have an article of clothing with the trans pride colors, then are you really even trans?

So, I’ve gone by the name Ellie Rebecca for quite some time, but after deliberating on it for the past few months, I’ve decided to change it. I need to start going by something more masculine-sounding in order to combat the intense gender dysphoria I’ve been feeling lately.

I’d like to be called Danny or Daniel from now on.

I’ve felt uncomfortable being perceived as “a girl” for my entire life. I knew there was something different about me, but I just couldn’t articulate it for the longest time. When I learned what gender dysphoria was at about age nineteen…

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A horror-ish puzzle-platformer that tests your wits and ability to survive a ruined world

Upon first glance, Lifeless Planet: Premiere Edition for the Nintendo Switch is a tough game to categorize into a single genre. It contains elements of sandbox exploration, puzzle platforming, Cold War-era science fiction, and just a dash of horror. It’s a little of everything, and I think that was by design. The player is meant to stay on their toes, always guessing at the true nature of the game and the world inside of it.

The film was more about the insidiousness of internalized prejudice than overt racism.

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Image: Monkey Paw Productions

[Warning: Heavy spoilers for Get Out (2017) below.]

I was lucky that when I first watched Get Out in late 2017, in a college class called “Race & Gender in the Media,” I was going in completely blind. I had somehow managed to avoid hearing any details about the ending. That, coupled with the fact that I saw it in an auditorium filled with dozens of other people, gave me the full, unspoiled cinematic experience.

People, myself included, “oooh’d” and gasped at just the right moments as the tension built over the course of the movie. …

The disaster in Texas proved that many liberals in other states don’t care about Southerners.

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Image via zanexdaniel on Twitter

All things considered, I’d thought February was going to be a pretty great month.

After being in a long-distance relationship for more than a year, my girlfriend was finally able to move in with me at the end of January. I’ve been taking steps to plan out my gender transition. I’ve been taking on special projects at my job that will make me look better to the higher-ups at the company I work for.

Then, everything changed when the Water Nation attacked.

In other words, Texas got hit with the worst winter storm I’ve ever seen in my 20 years…

Well-meaning but tone-deaf cis people sometimes end up doing more harm than good.

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Sign made by SassyCentaur on Etsy

The other day, I was scrolling through Twitter, minding my own nonbinary business, when I came across this tweet.

It features a short video of an Etsy seller, a presumably cisgender man who goes by the username SassyCentaur, who sold more than 1,200 gender-neutral bathroom signs in 2019. Most of these signs consist of silhouettes of various creatures, like mermaids, centaurs, and octopi, with text saying, “Whatever, just wash your hands.”

When I first encountered signs like these a few years ago, I didn’t see a problem with them. Recently, though, as I’ve gone through my own process of figuring…

Let’s explore this symptom common in ADHD, autism, depression, and many other mental illnesses.

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Photo by Tom Morel on Unsplash

Dirty dishes and food wrappers pile up on my coffee table. My sink overflows with cups, plates, and silverware that desperately need washing. Unclean laundry spills out of the top of my hamper and onto the hardwood floor.

These are all things I keep meaning to do. Logically, I know I should do them, and soon. The time during which it’s socially acceptable for my apartment to look like this is running out. Or maybe it already has run out. To my brain, that time seemingly has no endpoint.

Having a mental illness, especially multiple comorbid conditions as I do…

And yes, it is in fact grammatically correct.

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Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Whenever words like “gender-neutral” or “pronouns” come up in conversation, transphobes poke their heads up like meerkats, ready to launch into a tirade about how the rise of these terms indicates the onset of society’s downfall.

Okay, maybe not all of them are quite that dramatic.

However, many of them claim that while established gendered pronouns like “he” and “she” are fine, the English language doesn’t really have any gender-neutral pronouns. Or at least one that is grammatically correct. But that’s just not true.

In fact, if you’re a native English speaker, chances are you already use a gender-neutral pronoun…

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A spoiler-free review of the prequel to the smash hit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Despite the overwhelmingly high praise that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW) had been receiving since its release in early 2017, I didn’t get around to actually playing the game until late 2018. I hadn’t played very many games in the Zelda franchise. But not long after I started, I wished I’d done it sooner. It simply blew me away.

BotW took the standard formula of a Zelda game and turned it on its head. It was just similar enough to attract longtime fans while reeling in new ones like me.

You play as Link, who has…

And I plan on making 2021 even queerer.

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Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

Saying that 2020 was a year filled with massive change has become something of a cliché at this point. But I am ending this year in a completely different place than where I started it, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

In a story published about a year ago on January 1st, 2020, I described myself as a “bisexual woman-aligned person.” That was how I identified at the time, even though I felt an inkling that it wasn’t quite right.

I knew I wasn’t a heterosexual cisgender woman like many people assumed, but I hadn’t entirely come to terms with…

Can you truly respect trans people if you disrespect our pronouns?

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The word “pronouns” seems to have become a sort of buzzword lately. As soon as it is uttered, trans people and transphobes alike poke their heads up, ready to spring into battle at a moment’s notice.

In recent years, this word often indicates that a discussion about trans people is about to occur. Indeed, in these conversations, the word “pronouns” often seems synonymous with “trans people.”

That’s why, as a trans person, it rubs me the wrong way when people make jokes about pronouns.

I was originally tempted to write this piece back in September, when The Mandalorian actress Gina…

Danny Jackson H.

They/he. The writer formerly known as Ellie Rebecca. 25-year-old nonbinary trans guy-ish.

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