How to Create an Online Course or Product in Rainmaker

This is a quick tutorial on how to create an online course or product in the Rainmaker Platform.

For those of you who don’t know what the Rainmaker Platform is, it is a fully-combined solution for both a website and sales and digital content marketing solution. If you have a blog or any digital products you want to sell, such as e-books, courses, or memberships, you can sell them on the Rainmaker Platform.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up a product or online course. It’s very simple.

  1. Go into the Conversion tab. The little target icon is the conversion tab.
  2. Click on Products.
  3. Next, you can just click on Add New, and it will take you to Create a New Product.
  4. When you click on Create Product, you’re going to want to type in the Product Nam. E.g. “How to Create Killer Facebook Ads”.
  5. Next, write a description for the product. E.g. “How to get started with creating your own high converting Facebook ads”.
  6. Then, select a Thank You page that you have on your website. That’s the page that, once they purchase your product, they will be redirected to as a result.
  7. Choose the Product type. You can select whether this product is a Limited Time product or Subscription, whichever one fits your needs.
  8. Fill out the other fields:
  • This is a free product — If you have free products to offer, you can click on this.
  • Allow members to purchase this product multiple times– If you want them to have the ability to do that, you can click on this. I would use that with caution because if they happen to purchase it more than once and they didn’t intend to, then you can get some refund requests.
  • Product Price — Put in your product price.
  • Refund Product — I would usually just leave this at None.
  • Change Product — You can downgrade a product using this. I leave all these stuff blank because it’s stuff that’s a little more advanced. Unless you really need it, there’s really no need to enter this information.
  • Send an Email Receipt — This means you can actually have the Rainmaker Platform send an Email receipt as a result of making this purchase.
  • Send a blind copy of purchase receipt to the following address — You can put in an e-mail address that you’d like to use to receiving the blind copies of the e-mail receipts.
  • E-mail Receipt Subject Line & E-Mail Receipt Subject Text -You can just create your Email subject and put in some text of what you would like members or buyers to see in the E-mail receipt.
  • Available Shortcodes — There are some available shortcodes that you can use to customize the E-mail body. Rainmaker makes it easy. You can go to Help and search in their Knowledgebase. Just type in “Email shortcodes” and they’ll actually give you the exact text and shortcodes that you want to put in there to list all of your products, product titles, and things like that for your customers. They offer great tutorials, so if you are looking to start a new product for yourself, you can also search their Knowledgebase on how to set up a product. It is very step-by-step and you can check that out as well.
  • You can also integrate with some Email providers. This is really great. You can integrate with either of the following:
  1. RainMail — Rainmail is a new service that actually uses FeedBlitz. So, if you’re familiar with FeedBlitz, it’s another Email provider, but Rainmail uses them to collect E-mail addresses within the platform.
  2. ConvertKit — I use Convertkit at this time. With Convertkit, you can select a list or a form that you can use when integrating your product with an E-mail platform.
  • E.g. Let’s say I’m launching a product for my “Master Your Workflow” course and I have a form that will be used on the sales page. I would select that form and what this does is when people buy this product, they’re going to be subscribed to the form in Convertkit. In Convertkit, I’m now going to be able to see the subscriber counts for that form. Using this feature, you now know based off of the people on that form that these people are paid subscribers. These are people that bought your course and you can send follow-up emails to them just to check up on their progress and any questions they might have about their experience with the product. So, these are very, very powerful features that give you advanced targeting capabilities.
  1. Make sure you assign the product to a Member Group. You have the ability to basically lock down your product access to different member groups, like Bronze, Silver, and Platinum. I would say you want to just create a group that is just for the product you’re creating. You can do Add a New Member Group, name the group, and then check the box off, so that the product you’re creating is going to be associated with people in this group.
  2. Just hit Save and you’re all set.

Note: The video goes through this process step-by-step, so please also watch it. :-)

You now have a product created in the Rainmaker Platform, but that’s just a piece of the puzzle.

Now, you need to create a Sales Page that will direct people to go to that product as well as your Thank You page, if you haven’t already, to select that and put that into your product page.

You can create these really quickly in the Rainmaker Platform, and I will also be publishing future posts on how to build your sales pages as well as how to build your thank you pages.

Creating or already have a product page set up? Let me know how it went and if there are other tips you can share in the comments below!