Encounter with a lesbian

This is a story about a man in a bar.

Like so many similar stories, he saw the most beautiful woman in his life.

He knew he wanted her to be his wife.

He bought her a drink, he had already had drunk his fill of alcohol.

In his nervousness he tried to just drink in the sight of this goddess.

But on reflection he realised that was creepy.

He bucked up his ideas, and talked to her.

He complimented her in a suave way about her most amazing eyes, and asked if she was having a good time.

She looked him up and down

Scrunched up her nose in the most adorably cute way

And with a genuine laugh/smile said:

“Thanks for the drink, but I like girls”

Oh exquisite sexiness

Oh erotic temptress

If I could show you my feelings

If you could love me,

that would be max level turn on.

You don’t like men, but you like me.

— Stop thinking with your dick

“funny so do I “ you say

For some reason she doesn’t walk off

For some reason you spend the next two hours

Talking about your mutual interests in films, life hacks, and work.

You find out all about her. Favourite music, movies. Job & Jokes

From her stories, you know unequivocally she is gay.

Your heart swells with happiness at heaving met her, but alas the night ends as it should.

You walk her back to her place. Offer hope that she works out the problems with her girlfriend.

You exchange contact numbers and know that whilst she’ll never be yours you have made a friend.

Then you go home, remember how horny you are and masturbate profusely.

The End