The best way to beat Addiction NOW!!

So the new trainspotting film is out. Recently the original was on film 4, tonight I watched it with my family. That got me thinking about the problem of addiction.

My two cents is this:

Never give anything Unhealthy power over you!

It does matter wether its drugs (wac), your job (work), gambling (wealth), sex (women), video games (er dated reference to Warcraft? :-). Whatever your vice is. )

We all know when we should be doing something else.

But remember

To frame it as a battle of willpower, a fight against your demons is wrong.
This creates a loosing battle, sapping your strength as you think about what you want.

Like the monster under your bed, it doesn’t exist if you do not think about it.

You just do something better.
Replace the bad with good.

Let this be nothing to you
Water off a ducks back.

You have thrown the switch in your head.

You are too busy living to give mind to those parts of you.

Is it hard? Definitely
Is it the easiest thing in the world? Definitely