What once terrified the ancients is now our source of awe and inspiration.

This is my quick edit of photos and videos from the Great American Eclipse of 2017 as seen from the border of Idaho and Oregon.

No camera will do the awe of what we saw justice, so instead enjoy our reactions during the total eclipse, my attempt at the social faux pas that is using a selfie stick, and our adventures along the way. It was an incredible experience, and even better to share it with my mom and dad.

Last night I finally got to see Spider-Man: Homecoming. If I had to write a one-sentence review, it would probably be something along the lines of: “Dear Tom Holland, you have my heart.” And does he ever.

Of course Tom Holland is very handsome and charming as Peter Parker. But I couldn’t help seeing this latest take on Spidey as the perfect example of someone being plucked from ordinary existence to do extraordinary things — largely through their own sense of personal responsibility and good character, as opposed to their supernatural abilities.

The Hero’s Journey

In much of what I consume through books…

Danny Lamas

All things Apple, kettlebell fitness, gaming, music, laughter, bravery. It’s dangerous to go alone! Gamertag: Awakening

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