Harmonizing Waters of Today’s Grand Trine

Today the 3 archetypal energies of the Moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces harmonize. But harmonization isn’t a guarantee of a good time. The context, form and health of any harmony depends on our presence with the energies at play. Here I summarize the meaning of these 3 archetypes to support us in feeling into what healing stirs inside us:

Cancer Moon is most sensitive to the fact that our emotional needs are in need of respect. Cancer Moon knows that our ability to show up in the world hinges on the depth of intimacy we grant for ourselves. Cancer Moon balks at external clocks if we’re not first in conversation with our internal one. Cancer Moon looks for familiar faces knowing that our sense of security depends on a type of familial nurturance. Cancer Moon rightly intuits how critics of being “high maintenance” miss the point—that our internal maintenance is a base necessity for us moving forward in integrity.

Jupiter in Scorpio focuses our attention on the inconvenient, bitter truths that when faced, set us free. This is shadow work, where we face the hidden corners of our underlying belief systems to expose our deepest realms of distrust, limitation and powerlessness. Direct contact is needed with our shadows for them to be transmuted into workable consciousness. This energy is restless, but not extroverted. It’s a form of internal combustion that can feel like part of us is dying—because it is—but only for us to be born again with newfound empowerment.

Neptune in Pisces is the non-place of ultimate surrender to the natural flow of the Universe. I say non-place because it represents the Absolute of what we are given—this being in stark contrast to our conditioning of incessant intervention and improvement. Neptune in Pisces reminds us of the ecstatic state of trust and acceptance possible as we learn to devote ourselves to the raw purity of nature with no gripes or strings attached. This is the realm of Unconditional—of a connection to God/Goddess so direct that our idea of making a connection in the first place is rendered meaningless. Because we are already Free, floating unspeakably in this web of creation.

Provided these archetypal energies alone, here are 5 questions to support our presence with all that lives inside us:

As you feel your way into life’s seemingly irreconcilable opposites, consider that vulnerability is when we’re faced with paradox and choose to walk into it. This is where our greatest growth is possible.

  1. What would it mean for me to fully embrace my own needs of nurturance?
  2. How might I more closely align my emotional foundations with my future aspirations?
  3. What aspects of my belief system are begging to be looked at with a sober lens?
  4. How might I look into my deepest areas of vulnerability while at the same time nurture my own sense of faith?
  5. What might a healthy balance between diligence and flow look like given my unique life circumstances?

All ❤

Danny Lampton (The Light & The Weight)

Written by

Musician, Astrologer, and Counselor | Embrace Paradox as a Portal for our Vulnerability, Integration & Elevation.

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