Saturn Leaves Sagittarius

Lesson 1: Our expansion can only be as meaningful as our capacity for contraction.

Newborn Simba faces his reality and reflection. Saturn Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

In its own Hero’s Journey, Saturn is on the cusp of returning to its home sign of Capricorn—now in the final moments of its last degree in Sagittarius.

Transiting Sun, Saturn, and Moon the minute before Saturn enters Capricorn: December 19th, 2017, 8:48pm PT.

What is the meaning of this moment?

It’s a question befitting Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter — master of MEANING — alongside Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn — teacher of TIME.

What is the relationship between MEANING and TIME?

Jupiter represents our enthusiasm to seek truth, make meaning and expand the bounds of our perception. Saturn, standing just beyond Jupiter, represents the limits and pitfalls of our expansion when misaligned with the greater order.

To help conceptualize how Jupiter(Sagittarius) and Saturn(Capricorn) rely on each other, just think of those folks obsessed with THE SECRET—abiding by the Law of Attraction as the holiest of laws—and meanwhile dripping their avowed manifestations all over your proverbial lunch.

This caricature bothers you for a reason! Here lies the presence of a Jupiterian imbalance, and the need to incorporate Saturnian law, too, in pursuit of what’s true in alignment with the greater order of things.

This anecdote also reveals how, societally, Jupiter and Saturn together represent our social structure and codes of conduct—ceaseless cycles of expansion and contraction; excess and deprivation; dogma and wisdom.

From a Jupiterian lens, our unbridled optimism is needed to create a world worth living in. From a Saturnian lens, we must continually remind ourselves to “get real” with the consequences of our convictions. Will they stand the test of time?

As Saturn ties up its journey through belief-land (Sagittarius) and makes its reentry home on solid ground (Capricorn), we are tasked with sitting in stillness and examining the places in our lives where we have duped ourselves.

Critically, remember to bring compassion to your current state of affairs so that your perceived shortcomings can act as paths-forward rather than dead-ends.

But make no mistake, now is a time for utter honesty with where you have arrived. Now is a time for letting go of limiting beliefs that have brought you comfort but not a cure.

Now is a time to ask yourself, “Where do I feel misaligned with what I really believe and who I really am and what I really wish to build in this life?”

This next week represents a pivotal point of reflection because, believe it or not, things are on the cusp of turning ever-more-real—both individually and societally. The consequences of the philosophical blueprints we carry forward are fated to last.

Let not your question be WHETHER to be optimistic or pessimistic, to expand outwardly or contract inwardly, to trust yourself or doubt yourself.

Instead let your question be HOW to be BOTH in TIME. Meaning—“How can I be in alignment with MY TRUTH and the needs of the GREATER ORDER in concert?”

In service to Love,
Danny / TL&TW