#Gogetters — The Team

This is a brief introduction and my view of the the team #Gogetters at Andela EST 22.10.18

Truthfully, we didn’t get too much time to mingle but I was able to get a measure of each person. It has helped that we’ve been in communication on Slack.


Jude: He’s our LF (Learning Facilitator) this week. He gets right to the point so there’s no second guessing what he means.

Zack: I was blown away at how organized he’s code base is. The plan is to get ask for he’s assistance. I am guilty of writing giant blobs of code.

Emarcent: When she introduced herself, I remember she works in Insurance. Considering that this may be her first interaction with code, I believe she is going to be an excellent developer. To put it simply, she’s learnt a lot of concepts really fast! That’s amazing!

Florence: I didn’t get a chance to interact with Florence much on Monday (maybe because she was razor focused on work). Next time!

Henry: Totally missed out on having a chat with him. Will make it up on slack.

There were definitely some missed opportunities on Monday to get to know everyone. The good news is that we are all on slack on are collaborating and helping each other with different struggles. I think we are officially a #Team.