Posted this to Facebook, thought I’d share it here too…..

If we really are #oneprofession then surely we can’t vote ‘yes’ to an offer that at its core remains deeply discriminatory and completely treats NROC (I don’t do them before I’m accused of bias) with quite frankly utter disdain.

Regardless of the enhanced pay early in SpR training, many will be SpRs for up to 10 years and the thought of zero pay progression during that period is quite frankly ludicrous. What if there’s economic turmoil and inflation hits 5 or 10 or 15%. That mortgage you agreed on the basis of your pay at ST3 is going to lead to your home being repossessed if earnings don’t track inflation.

At its core it doesn’t solve the issue at the core of our campaign, that s contract remains unsafe. Spread us over 7 days, you compromise care. What is so sad is hat the debate has now turned to pay and we’ve lost sight of what many of sugar so furious about in the first instance.

This contract doesn’t value you as highly skilled professionals with a deep sense of public duty and it doesn’t do anything to enhance patient safety or help with the chronic rota gals we are all contending with. For that reason I can’t support it.

To those of you that say ‘yeah Danny, that’s great but what happens if you vote no?’ I entirely imagine this offer will be will be imposed in its current form (unless the Tory party completely implodes post EU Referendum and we end up either a General Election or new leader of the Tory Party) but frankly we will have more respect for ourselves knowing that we said no to something that is morally and quintessentially objectionable than if we turned round and vote yes because we think this is all that’s on offer and we should just get on with it because we’ve had enough of protesting.