I’m not sure of how many ways I have proved myself wrong in my network marketing journey, but I did attend a high school named after Thomas Edison, who once said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

A school from which I got kicked out twice! True story. It wasn’t that I was an unruly student, or a poor learner. I simply lost interest in wanting to take classes that in order to get a passing grade I needed to memorize useless facts.

If you did everything by the book, the biggest mistake a network marketing rep can make in my opinion is to think that he or she IS the company. That he or she IS the product.

Let me explain. I began my network marketing journey with Company X. Company X was huge! It had all the bells and whistles. Fastest this, fastest that, we had all the hats, the t-shirts, the business cards, the branded tools with the logos, the pens, the car decals, I mean, we were a walking and driving billboard for the company. We used to chant in our meetings “I am Company X!” Some of the t-shirts even said that very quote. Some hard liners used to say “I bleed purple!“.

Those of you who have been in the game long enough, know that Company X ceased to exist. From being that purple giant in the industry, to becoming so deeply in debt that Company Y came and swallowed what was left of it and imposed their own products, their own culture, their own comp plan, people who were starting to emerge as leaders felt like the rug was pulled right from under them. Cars were repossessed, teams dissolved and dreams were shattered.

The very identity of those who claimed “Company X for life” was lost! Those who said “Last thing, last time” lost all credibility. Making excuses for the leadership, some of these people who I still admire and look up to were preaching how the move was a good move. Where are they now? Most of them are with different companies today, a few true grinders weathered the storm of attrition and others want nothing to do with network marketing ever again.

In this business you have to roll with the punches. Products get discontinued, technology evolves, compensation plans get restructured, entire companies get wiped out, and ultimately people get hurt. The same people who helped build these multinational brands are sometimes the same people who go and discredit a specific company or worse, the entire network marketing industry.

So what’s the solution?

I’m not gonna claim that I have the solution for all the things that occur in this industry at the corporate level. I don’t have ties with the decision makers at the respective regulatory entities. But I can certainly tell you what you and I as independent micro-entrepreneurs must do to give our families, our teams and our dreams a better shot.

“Companies come and go. Brand yourself”

You are the brand! You are the added value! We’ve heard this many times, yet we have failed to let it really sink in. People join people. Engrave that in your mind, write it on your vision board. You do have one, right? Carve it on your thigh! The biggest players already know this. They have branded websites with their own domain names, they have created their own trainings, they conduct their own webinars, they blog, they have YouTube channels, online sales funnels, they generate leads through organic traffic and paid advertisement. They brand themselves!

It took a while for me to embrace this concept. I once too bought into that old school philosophy of not using outside tools to properly market my home based business if said tools did not have the company’s logo on it. It wasn’t just by theory that I learned, but by falling hard and scraping my knees in the process. By trying to rebuild a team that was already sore from company politics. I learned the hard way, as most of us do.

But just like Thomas Edison, we’ve finally found what works! Branding yourself as You, Inc., is the pain killer to the pain that exists within our niche. Millions of network marketing professionals are now thinking outside of that box and stepping into their unlimited potential. Not just by having a Facebook page or a fancy logo, but by providing value that addresses the challenges of our industry.

Imagine being able to help not just those in your downline, but people in all types of home based business and getting compensated for doing so!

There you have it my friends. In a nutshell, that is the concept. As far as the formula and how you can also effectively brand yourself, there are many online marketing strategies that I will be covering in future articles. I promise to reveal what was revealed to me. From how to rank your videos on YouTube on the top search engines, to creating your own blog which is the hub to your brand. From writing persuasive copy to driving targeted online traffic to your own funnels, and much, much more.

Welcome to the rabbit hole. Like Neo in the Matrix, you now can make a choice. Build this thing the old school way, or do what top earners have already been doing but are afraid that the masses won’t understand it.

See you at the top!

Danny Monzon