MPIRE LIVE: The Psychology Behind Success

The Danny Morel Show is for Real Estate Sales People and Entrepreneurs that are committed to reaching their true potential. Every week, you will be exposed to the exact systems, skill sets and belief patterns necessary to push you to increase production, efficiency and profitability.

On this episode, Danny delves into the psychology behind success. He details his history in the real estate industry, how he came from nothing and still found success, thanks to his mindset. He then explains the mindset of those who will never find success, and how to change it. He wraps up with what the wealthy think in order to win.


Tactics + Takeaways

  • Danny’s business
  • The psychology of success
  • The psychology of winning as an entrepreneur
  • Being in a relationship with a non-entrepreneur
  • How psychology helped Danny
  • The mindset of the wealthy
  • Changing your psychology

Tweetable Quotes

What we do and what we teach undoubtedly works.
It’s not because of being an entrepreneur, it’s because of the psychology of the entrepreneur.
The problem is your deep thoughts in your subconscious lives.
100% of nothing is still nothing.

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