Indigo Youth: The Future Looks “So Good”

Indigo Youth (from l-r): Mike Bryant, Kane Carson, Lorna McCarthy, Eshi Musaji and Matt Payne (Credit: Pete Bryant)

There seems to be something in the air around Barrow at present. So often thought of as a cultural wasteland, now there’s an exciting new band popping up every week. This past week it was Indigo Youth’s turn to emerge from the bowels of their practice room, and into the limelight.

The 80’s Synth Pop inspired 5-piece are all local musicians with varying degrees of experience. Vocalist Lorna McCarthy also sings in progressive metal band Red Shift who have played all over the North-West of England. Guitarist Eshi Musaji has played Manchester Academy in the past. Keyboard player Matt Payne and Bassist Kane Carson have played together for years in cover bands all around the local scene. Drummer Mike Bryant is the least experienced of the band, having never played a live gig before last Thursday.

A project that has gone through various incarnations over the past couple of years, Indigo Youth released their first single ‘So Good’ last week. Building on that momentum the band finally made their live debut this past week, with two high profile performances in the local area:

The first of these came on Thursday night where the band performed in the Barrow heats of the Live at you Local competition, which is hosted by the Greene King Pub chain in association with Radio X. It’s a nationwide competition, with the finalists getting the chance to play at the O2 in London and a chance to win £5,000. So no pressure to get it right on your first ever gig then!

They Look So Good (even in black and white) (Credit: Joshua Thomas)

In their heat, the band came up against two well-established local acts. Alt-Rockers The Twitchers and pop-punk outfit Fight For Friday (who also just released their first single), but fortunately for Indigo Youth (and for the tone of this article) they won the heat comfortably and now move on to the local final in a few weeks time. However that’s not to say that the band weren’t apprehensive going into their first gig:

“Live at your Local was pretty nerve wracking; playing our first gig in a competition against two other seasoned bands.” Said Keyboard player Matt, “But we had a lot of support there and when people started nodding their heads and smiling we felt right at home and enjoyed showing people what we’ve been working on. Our single, So Good has had lots of positive feedback so that took some of the nerves off. By the time we got on stage and started performing it felt really good and all the nerves went.”

Up next was a slot at the Another Fine Fest festival in nearby Ulverston on Saturday evening. The band performed on the Collie Stewart Stage (named after the much loved and respected singer/songwriter Collie Stewart, who recently passed) and played to a raucous capacity crowd who were well and truly into the 80’s vibe of Indigo Youth:

Matt was more than happy to discuss Saturday’s events with me: “The gig at Another Fine Fest was pretty insane, for a start Ulverston was buzzing and the Piel castle was pretty packed. Sadly our drummer Mike was sick and we had a last minute switch up with Kane hopping on the drums but when it came to playing we went down really well. People were singing and dancing along to our original songs, which we have only played once before and that felt cool.”

“Everyone was drinking, enjoying themselves, chilling in the sun and just having fun, so I think we all thought we would have a good audience. But we were really warmed by the reaction we got, especially when the crowd shouted for an encore”.

The atmosphere throughout the 30 minute set was fantastic. Indigo Youth had one of the better crowds I've personally seen in a long time. They even enjoyed the slight malfunction where the power cord for Matt’s Synth fell out: (see the video below)

So what’s next for Indigo Youth following their successful first few steps?

“We’ve had good feedback” says Matt, “people like our songs — especially our single ‘So Good’ and our song ‘Neon Nights’. People have told us that they want to see more originals and are excited for what’s to come next, so we’re gonna take that on board and get writing some more material in prep for our next gig.”

Indigo Youth will be back playing live next Thursday at The Strawberry in the local final of Live at your Local. Follow the Band on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and information.

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