Bernie Sanders Should Be A Runaway Favorite
Patty Jane

I wouldn’t in any way want to absolve Bill Clinton of the sins of signing NAFTA, repealing Glass-Steagall, signing three-strikes, and failing to end our involvement in Iraq. However, I want to point out that these were Republican initiatives that Clinton inherited, much in the same way that Obama inherited the Iraq war and the Republican-sponsored stimulus that they later attacked him for signing.

And that brings me to the question I want to ask in this little comment: Why are Democratic presidents doing the Republicans’ dirty work? The answer is that they are not Democratic presidents! We have not had a Democratic president since Carter, and the problem with Hillary Clinton is that she’s just another Republican running as a Democrat.

We the people have had enough. Republicans have been actively and deliberately screwing up our economy and destabilizing the world for over thirty-five years. Anyone who supports Hillary Clinton should look back to April 24, 1980, the very date when right wing extremism overtook America and undid generations of American progress and prosperity. Now imagine the people rising up and demanding a do-over, and ask yourself if the Clintons could possibly play any part in that revolution.

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