Are Custom Stamps becoming Less popular?

rubber stamps uk

I often wonder how some products still remain popular. I mean some things no matter how amazing they are tend to be replaced rather become extinct. In a world where constant innovation is forever happening, sometimes it feels hard to believe that any one product can remain in the market for long.

For instance my beloved Sony Walkman, ok it was a few years ago but when that hit the market, I could hardly imagine how anything could possibly replace this amazing and unique product…but then came the discman where you could skip to the song you wanted and that replaced the walkman, then the MP3 player and now most of us just use our mobile phones with unlimited streaming, we can listen to any song we want at a click of a button (well screen)

Ok so back to rubber stamps a simple google search suggests that there is 8,660,000 sites in the uk alone related these old fashioned and barely changed for years products of mystery.

Who uses them and why? well the answer is simple, somethings just like our dear old buttons on our coats and zips that constantly break just cant be replaced.

There is technology sure that print labels but nothing really can beat the adaptability, usefulness of a rubber stamp. They are cheap easy to use and still blooming everywhere. I mean go clubbing most likely the bouncer will have a hand stamp, any post office, pretty much all offices have some sort of rubber stamp, garages, most factories and i could go on and on.

Aside from this there has been a huge craft explosion coming from the USA and with social media blowing the sails it has become huge in most parts of the world especially the UK. Ok stamps have not moved on much but the websites that sell them certainly have, some have such amazing and innovative online stamp designer, beautiful pictures and amazing ideas.

From business branding to creating wedding stamps, tag stamps, packaging stamp rubber stamps are truly irreplaceable and will be around for a lot longer.