Shot on a Fujifilm X100T with WCL-X100 wide angle adapter.

As I was walking through Pioneer Square, this guy was vaping in front of Domino’s and noticed the Fujifilm X100T around my neck.

“Hey man, that camera’s so old school! I ain’t seen one since my uncle passed a few years ago. Yours even looks just like his did.”

I told him that it was, in fact, a digital camera. I snapped a couple of photos of him and showed him the images on the LCD screen.

“Damn, that’s dope. Those cameras are so cool.”

He then asked, “Hey, you wanna get high?”

I politely declined and said that I…

This is not Danny Trejo, but he was just as tough and intimidating.

I was riding the street car home after an afternoon of strolling around the market. As usual, I kept snapping pictures whenever I saw something interesting outside the street car. I was standing up near the back doors, because there were no available seats.

This gentleman was sitting across from me, clearly watching what I was doing. He stood up and slowly walked over to me.

He totally had a Danny Trejo vibe about him. Gruff, tough, and somewhat intimidating even though he had to walk with a cane.

Him: [sounding very much like Danny Trejo] ”Hey, man, can I…

My first jump shot in years taken at Houghton Beach Park in Kirkland, WA. October 25, 2017.

I used to do jumping self-portraits on a regular basis. It started as a fun thing I did on photo shoots with friends, and then it evolved into my “thing.” Most people in the photo communities I frequented knew me for my jumping photos. I eventually stopped doing them, mostly because I needed to move on to other things. I also ran out of ideas for interesting photos.

Yesterday, I tried jumping photos for the first time in years. My timing was a bit off (took more tries than before), and I’m not nearly as flexible as I was, but…

Grandma at her 80th birthday. A large print of this was buried with her on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

Earlier this week, we laid my Grandma to rest. She was 88 and passed away last week due to advanced-stage cancer. It was an incredibly difficult past few days, both emotionally and physically draining, but being around family and friends today helped all of us mourn her death and celebrate her life.

Grandma was the most happy, caring, and generous person I knew. She constantly put others’ wellbeing before hers and did it with a smile on her face. She always made sure that we were healthy, enjoyed our jobs, and had enough food to eat.

She taught us the…

Tonight’s sunset was simple and beautiful. Smooth clouds blowing in ahead of the predicted rain storms. Just enough of a break below the clouds for sunlight. A mostly unobstructed view from the upper level of the parking garage at work. I love autumn sunsets. Redmond, WA. October 16, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.

The Tilted Thunder Rail Birds hosted their second bout of Season 6 on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA. The evening featured the Saint Hellions skating against the Sugar Skulls in the first game and Royal Crush taking on the Rolling Blackouts in the second game.

The Saint Hellions had the advantage with a more experienced bench and took an early lead in the game. The Sugar Skulls fought hard to reduce the point deficit, but the Hellions maintained their lead with smart jamming and formidable blocking walls. …

Museum of Pop Culture and Space Needle. X-Pro2 + 16–55/2.8.

I’ve been obsessed with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 since it was announced in early 2016. On paper, it looked like the perfect camera for me. I had already been shooting with the Fujifilm X100T (one of my all-time favorite cameras)for about a year at that point, and I loved that the X-Pro2 would basically be the bigger and more powerful sibling. It appeared to have the same design sensibilities and shooting experience of the X100T with important usability features that I’m used to having on my much bigger and heavier DSLR kit.

After over a year of avoiding even handling the…

Pike Place Market can be a very crowded place during cruise ship season. The ships dock mid-week, and all of the passengers flood through the market all week. For many locals, this is an annoyance as it can create bottlenecks in their normal routes through the market.

I personally like tourist season, because it offers so many photographic possibilities. Sometimes the tourists are my photo subjects. Sometimes it’s the locals reacting to tourists.

I was standing on the corner of Pike and 1st waiting for the signal when I saw this elderly couple trying to make their way through the crowds. All they wanted to do was pick up some flowers and get out of the market. The man was somewhat annoyed with all of the tourists standing around and taking selfies with the market sign.

Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA. July 6, 2017. Fujifilm X100T.

Seattle, WA. June 30, 2017. Fujifilm X-Pro2 + 23/2.

Danny Ngan

Producer and photographer based in Seattle.

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