CarnEvil’s Whoa Nellie (#3) pushes through the Pink Pistols wall.

Jet City Rollergirls, Season 8, Bout 3

Photos from Season 8 Bout 3 with the Jet City Rollergirls on Saturday, March 14, 2015, at the Shoreline Derby Center in Shoreline, Washington. The night featured the Pink Pistols facing off against CarnEvil, with both teams looking for their first wins of the season. The first half was dominated by the Pink Pistols taking a 108–21 lead. CarnEvil made a concentrated push in the second half, matching the Pink Pistols nearly point for point. Pink Pistols ultimately came out with a 182–101 victory over CarnEvil.

CarnEvil’s Sheeza Brickhouse has a quiet moment on the bench.
Pink Pistols’ MediKate leaps past CarnEvil’s Damage Patch Kid (#24).
Pink Pistols’ Una BombHer adjusts the jammer panty on her helmet.
Pink Pistols’ Nasty Nikki Nightstick (#12) and CarnEvil’s Whoa Nellie share a fun moment after the jam.