“John Mara’s anxiety soon seemed unwarranted. Only a small portion of 1,500 active NFL players kneeled or sat during the anthem, and after the NFL season ended, the issue died down. According to Google Trends, interest in the anthem protest had all but flatlined. When the NFL resumed in August 2017, only a few players — Marshawn Lynch, Michael Bennett, and Cliff Avril, to name a few — protested during the anthem. That is, until President Donald Trump weighed in…”

Read more of my article about the NFL protests at The Outline.

$25,000 contract! And look at that bonus for performing against the Canadiens.

A few tweets popped into my timeline about how analytical types gauge contracts in hockey. I won’t go into specific player examples, but did want to make a few points about how teams can benefit from having small gambles with upside, rather than signing players with contracts that later become…

Danny Page

Sports analytics, software development, data analyst. Online portfolio: http://dannypage.github.io

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