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“John Mara’s anxiety soon seemed unwarranted. Only a small portion of 1,500 active NFL players kneeled or sat during the anthem, and after the NFL season ended, the issue died down. According to Google Trends, interest in the anthem protest had all but flatlined. When the NFL resumed in August 2017, only a few players — Marshawn Lynch, Michael Bennett, and Cliff Avril, to name a few — protested during the anthem. That is, until President Donald Trump weighed in…”

Read more of my article about the NFL protests at The Outline.

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you have to have an image, it helps #engagement

I have had these articles stuck in tab-purgatory for quite awhile, but I’m glad to have finally read them. These bright fellows are moving the ball forward and I wanted to highlight them — so they can sit in your tabs for a week err — to spread the good word.

Expected goals is passé, now check out these expected passes and the attached dashboard. I might quibble that this is the one area that you’d absolutely need tracking data to get better numbers, but interesting nonetheless.

I have been to the Opta Pro Forum in 2015. I was there in spirit in 2016, thanks to Tom Worville communing my soul through my poster. Didn’t have a chance to go for 2017 (weddings are expensive and so too are flights to London), so I was glad to read up on the review of this year’s festivities. I do wonder if there is room for a “virtual” forum for some of these presentations. …

Perhaps you’ve seen a thread going around Twitter today that claims to invoke game theory to explain the political climate of the day. And like a certain movie whose premise is founded on game theory, it never fully shows a real example of game theory. This has lead to plenty of people wondering… What is Game Theory?

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buckle in

At the core, Game Theory studies the interactions between people, countries, teams, and other (hopefully) rational decision-makers. …


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