Dan, as a Christian, who are you voting for?

Election season is among us, and with it brings hype, division, fear, and pretty much any other emotion that you can think of. Living in the Christian “bubble” it seems like this season especially has been filled with a lot of confusion and hyped-up emotions about the state of Christians in America. It certainly does not have to be this way.

The Supremacy of Christ

This being my first time being able to vote for a president, I have been following the election process diligently, and deeply thinking about the options at hand. The first thing I do when I make a “big” decision (one vote is very minuscule, but it is personally a big decision) is I check my worldview.

My personal worldview is that Christ is supreme over everything in life. He has control over the sun, the stars, the direction of the feathers blowing in the wind, and even knows the amount of hairs on whatever is on Donald Trump’s head (reported to be hair). More importantly, he “raises leaders, and removes leaders” (Daniel 2) and “moves the king’s heart as he moves a river.”


The next process in my head, is to evaluate the current voting process we have in America. Right now, we basically (to put it in simple terms) are part of a democracy where we have multiple choices for who to elect as political leaders.

Knowing my worldview, how is it possible to reconcile that Christ is supreme, but also exercise the power (however small) I have to elect public officials?

To spiritualize my vote, and declare one candidate more “Christian” than the other, makes a mockery out of God, and declares that one candidate is more in line with biblical values, which is not possible in this election.

The Democratic Party platform supports abortion, while the Republican Party has been using hateful rhetoric meant to pander to racist voters, and seems totally disinterested in social justice issues that Christ cared about.

I will not, and can not, put Christ on one side of either aisle. And we certainly don’t have the power or ability to put Christ in that box.

Democracy requires free thought, which is wholly incompatible with a Christ-centered worldview. Christianity demands one supreme ruler over our lives.

So, going forward then, how does one vote as a Christian in this election? How does one “de-spiritualize” their vote? Is this concept bad?

The Hair Barber and the Roofer

Imagine two scenarios.

In scenario one, you have to choose what barber to go to. Your hair has to be cut, so you have to choose one. What do you do? Most people would pull up their phone, go to google, and find the barber with the best reviews, and select him/her.

In scenario two, your roof collapses. You have to choose what roofer to hire to fix your roof. Your roof has to be fixed, so you must make a choice. Once again, most people pull up their phones, go to google, and select the roofer with the best reviews.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Now, did you once think of what worker is more in line with your values? Probably not. You picked the person who you thought would do the best, and is most qualified for the job.

Being President is a REAL Job

The President of the United States is an actual job, salaried at around 430,000 dollars a year. It requires someone with good leadership skills, knowledge of public policy, and decision making ability (among 100's of other desirable traits.)

They are the political leader of not only Christians, but Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos, LGBT men and women, and everyone in between. The job demands an equal respect for everyone, regardless of who they are.

They are not the religious leader, they are not the moral leader, and they are not the supreme leader. They are essentially the spokesman/woman of the country, and help guide the country politically.

So, Dan, who should Christians vote for? And who are YOU voting for?

You should vote for the most qualified and best person for the job.

And who am I voting for? Haha, there is no way I would want to intoxicate this post and make people forget everything I said above.

I’m voting for the best person for the job.

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