My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

That little part of conservativism that you believe in is not what I consider modern conservativism. It used to be I could be swayed by the right person to vote Republican. Over the last 30 or so years I have seen that change. In fact it has changed soo much I don’t recognise any redeeming traights in the Republican party. The Republicans that are in power are predominantly rich white racists. Not necessarily white against black, but instead rich white against everyone else. They will buddy up with poor whites to some extent, but they are just trying to convince them that their lies are not lies. They are what I call white lies. They would love to see the blacks give them some votes, but really they can’t hide their contempt. I hope you are more right than me. But I can only say what I see. I also see Hillary as being in that same group spewing the white lies to the masses. I wish you luck. I wish you freedom. I wish you prosperity. I wish you equality.