Evangelical Statism- Church, State, and Freedom

The Election and victory of Donald Trump was a “victory” for Evangelical Christians. Many people voted for him based on promises he made to the community. This blog series will look into what goes on when we as Christians take a stand in politics and push for candidates that “push our values”. Full disclosure, I’m a Catholic with Evangelical leanings. I believe what my church teaches, and in my personal life and with my family we live by a certain set of principles, but I understand that the church and the state have 2 separate functions and when I vote I don’t look at who will “push my values” but who will leave me and my church alone to practice how we see fit.

I was a Registered Democrat for 11 years and recently became a Libertarian again full disclosure. I wrote this from the viewpoint of an American who wants to see the country succeed as well as See churches do what they do best.

So here I will make the argument that too often we in the church have grown dependent on government, we preach a form of nationalism that is making God angry, and that if we in the church function as we ought to there would be no need for the Government to come in and take care of people, we would be doing that. This is a 3 part blog. Enjoy

Muh Persecution-

I’ve read countless pastors tell us we need to vote a certain way because “We are getting Persecuted” Do we even know what that word means? Whining about tax exempt status, or insurance policies, and oh my gosh the free market not wanting to do business with you isn’t persecution. How many church leaders in America have sat in jails for what they preach? It’s a shame that in 2017 America we have pastors talking about this uttering the same words that dealt with the coliseum fights. The book of Acts tells the stories of pastors, who were put in jail, then were assisted by angels for their escape. The book of Acts is like the Shawshank Redemption meets Prison Break, meets Gladiator with a beheading. I feel if Saint Stephen could see us now he would be rolling in his grave.

“We need Trump to secure our Religous Freedom” No you don’t. Trump doesn’t care about your church he wanted your vote and you fell for it.

Any person who stands on the sword of the Spirit the Word of God won’t fear an oppressive Government, they would move to a place they are welcome, we have to toughen up and quit whining. Quit depending on Government to allow you to preach the Gospel just do it.

Muh Christian Nation —

I hear this all the time. In one breath I have preachers teaching the dangers of Masonry, while at the same time preaching that “Our Country was founded By Christians, For Christians only!!!!!” Most of our founders were Masons, Diests they fought for a country where we are free to worship how we choose, or not worship how we choose. God gives us the choice, that’s true Love we shouldn’t be using the Government to do our dirty work, we as members of the body if we are concerned about souls should be out soul winning. We are a we are not a monotheistic nation, but we have the freedom to win souls, we should do that without help from Uncle Sam.

Muh Patriotism-

I get it, we are taught early on to honor our country, and we can do that, we have the freedom to do that. Nobody is going to throw you in jail for an American Flag and if a church wants to fly the American Flag while singing “Make America Great Again” or “My Country Tis of Thee” or even “This Land is Your Land” (while subsequently preaching against Socialism) be my guest, but I don’t think God honors such gatherings.

I’m greatful for the troops, first responders don’t get me wrong but we shouldn’t parade them around a church on Sunday and elevate them because it’s the cool thing to do. Bless them, bring them lunch, bring them care packages be Jesus to them, but to take time on A Sunday morning in the spirit of Nationalism, I disagree.

I don’t think the Flag and the Altar should share space, the nice part about America is you can practice however you please and disagree with me and legally you can do that.


In America we Worship God not Government- President Donald J Trump

The President rightly says we shouldn’t be worshiping Government, but many have created idols of it. Trump gave the Evangelical Conservative Community hope that abortion would end, gay marriage would end, deficit spending would stop, people would go off of welfare, all the jobs will come back, a Christian would never fear for what they preached why? Because Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected. Obama ran the country for 8 years. The world didn’t end we never ended up in camps, we still can carry our guns, we never lost the freedom. Other than having to buy health insurance did we lose freedom? No we didn’t. It doesn’t matter who is in charge the church will not be overcome by the gates of Hell (Matthew 16:18–20). Let’s learn to live that way. Part 2 will deal with how to navigate social issues, and how the church can end these without the force of Government.

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