Take advantage of Social Media, Not Be Taken Advantage Of

I’d like to disable social media when need be. Twitter and Facebook are great time killers when there’s not much else to do, times when things need to get done I find myself putting them off “bullshitting” as I like to put it, on social media more times than not. Procrastinating while on social media mentally running away from important duties and deadlines i.e. taking long durations of multiple “social media breaks” before and during writing this article. Social Media serving as a distraction in a handful of cases whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat. I don’t necessarily seek news as much as it is consumed more rather. In most ways than not, “force fed” because predominantly I allow news to come to me first 59.9 percent of the time. The other 40.1 percent of the time I actively seek news. Literally “asking” any questions wished to be answered on YouTube to find an answer I don’t have to read. Facebook and Twitter are regularly checked at least 2 times each throughout the day. It’s a love hate relationship with these two platforms being a little loved and a lot of hatred, vise versa.

How many will admit social media can get become a bad habit? Time killing at its best. It becomes a distraction to check your timeline or newsfeed, scroll through piles of information, fake news, people fighting, viewing short clips for the past 35 minutes, to then realize what you’ve been doing finally proceeding to exit the apps. Back to business. Once I know I have an obligation to get something done, I don’t just do it, I allow social media to serve as the biggest distraction, because what’s better? Homework assignments almost always end up falling in this direction. My excuse; I intentionally gravitate towards doing things on my time, distractions welcomed, and in that case “social media breaks”. Soon enough, I wound up “bullshitting” again and again in its own repeated cycle. Realizing I’ve been watching Russians deep see ice fishing somewhere on YouTube suggested videos; interesting sure, but c’mon these videos are really that important? Compared to when I have days free, this would have never happened, my first choice rather be remaining active all out and about because frankly staying in all day gets boring quite easily.

This past week I’ve transformed several pieces of thrifted clothing into useful clothing again. I have a burning passion to “create”. My inspiration came from a few YouTube “How to” videos and “DIY” do it yourself tutorials. I’ve expressed this creativity by learning and doing. I’d have no complaints being a YouTube spokesperson as a career. Most news I’ve intentionally gotten, I get off YouTube; I have question, want more information, need a second opinion, have an interest, want to re-watch something, learn something, YouTube it! I strongly believe you could earn a degree on YouTube but frankly YouTube University doesn’t exist yet. Best of all, it’s free! Sharing on YouTube can be entertaining, helpful, insightful, constructive, joyful, cultural, a paycheck, an instant classic and more. My television has been collecting dust for years let alone in the past week with YouTube easily replacing it. This past week I’ve used the platform as my personal trainer at the gym, doubling as a music playlist, tripling as a piano instructor, quadrupling as an entertainment device watching daily vlogs and reminiscing on NBA highlights and how different the game was in the 90’s when physicality was a thing, unlike how “flopping” is today.

Social media, not that there is a right or wrong way to view it, it is crucial to acknowledge the good and bad effects social media can have. In the past week I’ve noticed how everybody seeks news differently utilizing different social media platforms, though a good amount of this news can be forced. News falls into my lap without physically seeking it. I could be interested in seeing something else like sneakers or clothing and have already viewed tons of news coincidently I had no intention viewing in the first place. Prime examples of this can be found on Facebook, and Twitter. Retweets and shared news gain constant attention from more and more people that can be interesting, other times in abundance. Being forced fed tons of different news on the economy, presidential election, current events, live streams, protests around the world. Social media has become the new CNN and anyone can call themselves a news analyst.

If it weren’t for other people sharing posts of their own interests, I would have never discovered all the different kinds of news including many science experiments and food projects I so needed. It could become difficult to look away or remember what your original intentions were, which can have a negative effect on social media. Then again, there are so many other great things social media is capable of as long as it’s utilized it in the right format. Social media is the largest thing in the world so take advantage, not be taken advantage of.