7 Ways to Help Get Hillary Clinton Elected (and keep Trump out of office)

Danny Sauter
Aug 22, 2016 · Unlisted

The most dangerous thing to do right now would be to do nothing. To keep being amazed at the absurdity of the Republican candidate and rely on thinking “There’s no way someone like that could get elected!”

He’s beat 16 other candidates so far, is building a war chest for the last minute, and has shown time and time again that no lies against the opponent are off limits.

Instead, do something. I’ve struggled with seeing friends post constantly on social media but not having a clear idea of how to actually get involved or impact this election.

So, here are 7 ways to start. Some small, some large, but all important.

1.) Volunteer your Couch

Field organizers will be spending considerable time in states away from their homes this fall. They need a place to sleep, and a local’s perspective too.

Volunteer to host an organizer for a few days or more:

2. Make Calls

Have a few minutes? Dial for Hillary. After a quick sign-up, you’ll see open campaigns — perhaps a voter registration push in Ohio, or a volunteer drive in Colorado. You’re given a script to guide you through each conversation, and will be asked to fill out questions about the recipient’s responses along the way.

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Dial for Hillary:

3. Take a Trip to a Swing State

Live in California and feeling discouraged by not being able to be involved in swing state campaigns? Take a week off with a few friends and head to Ohio. It’s not as crazy as it sounds — there’s a group in San Francisco organizing to do this right now.

4. Donate $50 to Double Your Vote

Yes, donating to political campaigns can sometimes seem fruitless. The science behind donations, however, shows that each $50 should be able to produce an additional vote through means of canvassing, election day rides, etc.

Want to double your vote? Donate $50.

5. Talk to Friends who Support Trump

For this to actually work, follow 3 important steps:
1.) Find out which of your friends support Trump — Search ‘Friends who like Donald Trump’ on Facebook to see results.

2.) Read this article about what many supporters see in Trump.

This is important if you believe the old adage:

“A man convinced against his will

Is of the same opinion still.”

3.) Have the conversation with them. Listen. Keep it civil, and remember that you can’t (and probably shouldn’t) expect to change opinions in a single message. Still, there’s reason to remember that a conversation can matter when looking at recent research from campaigns that showed that “a single, approximately 10-minute conversation with a stranger “can markedly reduce prejudice for at least three months.”

6. Register 3 Friends to Vote

Chances are you have friends who are not registered to vote. 1 out of 4 eligible Americans are not.

Bring this up early, as registration closer to deadline becomes more chaotic and stressful for all.

7. Plan to Take Election Day Off

Plan now to take Election Day off. Use personal vacation, or speak with your boss about your entire team taking off. 200+ companies have already committed to this idea.

Use the extra time to make sure you vote, work an election site, or participate in get-out-vote activities (canvassing, car pooling voters, etc.)

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