Why do we still have monarchs?
ABC News

No modern scandals? This royal sycophant (Mr Mansillo) really needs to do his homework. How about Prince Andrew the Paedophile cover-up, the Princess Diana MURDER cover-up, the Queen’s mentally retarded (through inbreeding) cousin left to rot and die in a nursing home cover-up. Fergie and her daughters prostituting themselves at A lister events — trying to find a “sugar-daddy” not so cover-up. Prince William and Harry travel the world hunting and killing animals in “caged” hunts, yet take millions in donations for their animal conservation funds. According to TV star Tony Robinson, his research shows they are not even the legitamate heirs to the throne (They are German!). I have a whole chapter in my second book you may want to check out. It details all their crimes with references. Royals are common criminals, living in luxury, at the expense of the people. Parasites. As for Mansillo’s “supporters” numbers, would love to see the demographic. What was it, 12 people (family dinner) in Toorak in Melbourne? In the “real” world of working class, Royal support is at about 2–7% Migrants — 0.01%

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