The Elrond Fellowship — Ambassador Program

Daniel Serb
Nov 14, 2018 · Unlisted
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Knowledge, wisdom and expertise must not be bound by borders thus we believe that only through the empowerment of individuals across the globe we can build a strong organic community that can deliver a scalable value transfer protocol for the digital economy.

The soul of decentralization is in empowering others to take part, to think, to develop, to change and to build new systems.

We are extremely excited to finally announce The Elrond Fellowship Ambassador Program. This is a program designed to grow the Elrond ecosystem through community engagement and education. We will achieve this through the help of valuable Elrond ambassadors scattered around the globe. These are highly driven people, thinkers, dreamers and professionals who resonate with Elrond’s vision, mission and values. Regardless of your time and effort dedicated to support and grow the community we want you to know that the Elrond team is with you every step of the way!

The goal of this program is to strengthen the relationship between Elrond core team and local communities from around the globe and spread awareness about our platform and its benefits.

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  • Fluent in English
  • Has a clear understanding of Elrond’s mission and objectives
  • Well connected, enthusiastic about Elrond’s tech and business
  • Has the ability to find, share and engage with newcomers
  • Connected to local crypto communities
  • Social media presence

How does Elrond support you?

  • Your association with Elrond Network and your status as a close member of our extended family will make you a trusted local blockchain community leader in charge with organizing relevant events.
  • Elrond Network takes the responsibility of promoting the Elrond events you organize through all of our social media channels.
  • You will directly benefit from Elrond’s valuable existing connections, being invited to participate at special events together with the Elrond team.
  • We will offer complete support to connect with members from your area that you might not know of, together with guidelines for meet ups and relevant documents to help you start ASAP.
  • On occasions we will send our team members to your events — boosting the notoriety of the meet up.
  • You will benefit of a dedicated direct contact with our core team that is available to help grow the community.
  • You will of course get Elrond goodies and much more.

How can you support Elrond?

  • Enlighten and help guide new users on social media or community channels
  • Attend local community events and meetups (as an Elrond ambassador)
  • Create Elrond content
  • Organize meetups or conferences in your country/location
  • Advocate Elrond locally
  • Website translation, technical papers or other presentation materials into local languages
  • Feedback loop between you and Elrond

Even though we’re excited about this, we want to make sure the right people represent us. We know that quality NOT quantity makes the difference so in the following period our efforts are to find and train the right people to take on this mission.

If you are interested in taking part in our ambassador program, please email with the following details:

  • Why you should be an ambassador
  • Languages you speak
  • Current residency
  • Details about your network/influence and activities

Thank you all and we look forward to have you join us in building a scalable value transfer protocol for the digital economy.

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