Can you email me a picture of my eye?

A picture of my left eye. Not copyrighted — eye encourage others to use the image if helpful.
If you put a picture of your eye on your wall, does that necessitate that you’re a narcissist?
Each 10 minute period is tracked for mouse and keyboard activity.
Inspired by nature, can you see the school of fish, astronaut, flowers blooming, jellyfish, birds, the galaxy, and veins?
The final product of my eye on my wall as a custom wall art graphic!

Conclusion & Take-aways

Little did I know that a routine check-up at the eye doctor would lead to a $300 wall art story. It wouldn’t be an education blog post without the classic three take-aways from this story:

  1. Gig work is on the rise. As Professor Jerry Davis writes in a piece about job creation in the 21st century:



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