Source: Big Technology
Published: September 2021

How China is trying to unaddict kids from social media

As of June 1st, the Chinese government mandated a change in social media access to reduce app addiction in children. The increased regulation was in response to government concerns over decreased school grades and the lack of in-person socializing. Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, particularly faced criticism for presenting ‘distressful’ material to minors.

Here are four ways Douyin are modifying access to children aged 14 and below:

  1. 40 minute daily time limits that cannot be overridden
  2. App lockout between 10 pm — 6 am
  3. 5 second pauses in between videos
  4. Educational content inserted into the feed

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Source: U.S. vs Elizabeth Holmes
Published: December 2021

“Non-negotiables,” letters from Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes is the founder of defunct health technology company Theranos. Theranos soared in valuation after claiming to have revolutionized blood testing, yet defrauded investors.

Business practices written for Holmes by her COO (and boyfriend) Sunny Balwani are now public due to…

Source: Sketchplanations, AMZN 2009 Letter to Shareholders
Published: December 2021, April 2010

Focus on the inputs, measure the outputs

“Senior leaders that are new to Amazon are often surprised by how little time we spend discussing actual financial results or debating projected financial outputs… We believe that focusing our energy on the controllable inputs to our business…

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