Here’s a question I’d love to see Apple answer more than why it found the “courage” to remove that damn headphone jack. Why can’t it sell me and others a phone without demanding us to choose a carrier, especially when that’s no longer necessary?

Apple annoyingly did this again today, as it has in the past. I couldn’t order my phone, as a result. Others I saw on Twitter were clearly having the same problem. Two tweets I posted about the issue clearly resonated:

Carrier not needed

It’s not, as some might imagine, because Apple somehow has to know the carrier…

I’m excited to be doing my first charity ride this coming Sunday, which is in support of the American Diabetes Association. The 2016 Ship to Shore Tour is a great route leading from the Queen Mary, over the two bridges of the Port of Long Beach and to San Pedro. It’s an even better cause. Since I announced doing the ride, I’ve heard from people who personally deal with the diseases or who have friends and family who do. Your donation helps — please considering making a contribution of any size. Thank you!

Vincent Thomas bridge image by By Regular Daddy — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Remember all that talk when Apple unveiled its Live Photos, how they were going to bring a “Harry Potter” like experience of making still photos come alive. Yeah. That hasn’t happened for me with Apple. But it sure has with Google Photos.

Over the past two months, I’ve been importing over decades worth of family photos into Google Photos. One of the best things was discovering how it has magically given animation to many of my still photos with no work required and a wonderful display on desktop.

What’s Harry Potter Have To Do With Pictures?

If you’re not up on the whole Harry Potter thing, in the…

For years, my wife has wanted all our photos in one place. Hey, so have I. And I’m so close to the ultimate goal: 10 years or more of photos organized in one place, backed up in the cloud, available on our mobile devices and any meta data carefully preserved so if I ever stop using say, Google Photos, all the work done to get things in place isn’t lost.

Warning: this is not yet a complete article. …

We need a sensible law to protect privacy. This isn’t it.

California might enact one of the most restrictive laws for flying drones in the United States this week. The law, SB-142, has good intentions to protect privacy. Unfortunately, it’s badly written, comes from fear rather than understanding of drone photography and potentially makes flying drones more dangerous in the state of California.

I hope this open letter to my governor, Jerry Brown, will help encourage him to veto the law. I also hope it helps educate anyone…

With federal and state laws and programs different or nonexistent, developing a fair company policy can be tough. How our company did it.

A few weeks ago, I watched the great report Last Week Tonight did about the sorry state of family leave for new parents in the United States. I found myself nodding along, thinking the situation should improve. Soon after, our own small business, Third Door Media, found itself having to create a family leave policy for the first time. I’m happy with what we did, but it’s a lesson about how difficult doing the right thing can be for small or even large businesses, when there’s no strong federal program or law.

As an introduction, I’d encourage everyone to watch…

The attractiveness of USB-C is that any external battery with a standard USB “out” port can be used to power a USB-C laptop of which there are currently two, the new Chromebook Pixel and the new MacBook.

I’ve been testing how this works for the new MacBook. As an aside, yes, you can also plus those two computers together using USB-C. I have both — when you do, the Chromebook charges the MacBook. Kind of an expensive external battery, however.

Test One

I plugged in a Zagg Sparq external battery with 3100mAh of capacity, outputting at standard USB 5 volts at 2…

Here come the selfie sticks of the skies, drones, for better or worse.

Earlier this month, I spent a great week on vacation in Iceland. Like many tourists, I took pictures. Unlike many tourists, one of my cameras was a drone. Drone photography definitely added a uniqueness to my experience. However, it also exposed first-hand many of the issues that drones are likely to bring to tourism as they drop in price and become more accessible.

I’m far from a drone expert or avid hobbyist. I got my drone as this past Christmas as a gift from my family. I’ve taken it out to fly a few times in our local area. …

Traffic jam in SimCity (Photo credit: SimCity)

I can’t speak with any authority about why GigaOm suddenly ran out of money. But I’ve already seen the rumblings about what it may mean for other tech and vertical publications. Are they also likely in trouble? I’d submit if they’ve taken lots of VC money, yes. But if they’re bootstrapped or following what I call the “SimCity” model of growing, probably not.

I’m mostly known as the founding editor of Search Engine Land or “that search engine expert.” But I’m also one of the founders and a senior partner of the company that publishes Search Engine Land, Marketing Land

Medium has a new way that you can highlight anything on Medium to tweet as a highlighted screenshot:

Medium called them “text shots.” Maybe that will take off as the name we use for this increasily popular behavior. But should they be called something else? Do people call them something else?

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