My Experience At The Andela-Bootcamp So Far

So I have decided to start today’s blog post with a rewrite of the introductory paragraph to yesterday’s blog post. After getting feedback from my BFA (Bootcamp Facilitating Assistant) and re-reading it myself, I felt I could have done better. Hence, my post today.

Theodore Roosevelt said “believe you can and you are half way there…” and that’s how I came into the Andela-bootcamp. With a promise to myself, to always approach every task with a can-do attitude. As usual, the home study tasks(coding labs and essay writing) for the day were handed out to be delivered on or before same day. I immediately got busy with the coding labs in a bid to avoid putting up another disappointing performance as I did the previous day. Today I was very hopeful I would finish all the tasks before deadline but before long, the bugs began to roll in. I had just finished solving the first coding lab, and had to run my solution against some predefined test cases, but for some weird reasons my code kept returning errors.It’s funny sometimes how difficult debugging a code you wrote could be. Reminds me of a quote which says “If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in ”, funny but true. I didn’t waste any time before reaching out to my BFA and even my colleagues, I wasn’t going to let what happened yesterday repeat itself at all. Thanks to my BFA, I fixed the bug in no time and moved on to the next challenge.

At the end of the today, I was able to complete the 2 coding labs before the given deadline. Even though I wasn’t able to deliver the other tasks before deadline, I’m hopeful I could build on today’s progress and deliver a better performance tomorrow

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