Three Weeks In Dallas

Dallas, TX Skyline

It’s been 3 weeks since we left California for Texas, and things are going well. Besides stepping into the hottest part of the year, it’s been nice being here. We’ve had a few small setbacks with the store, so we’ll be opening a week later than we anticipated, but it appears that all major roadblocks have been cleared and it should be smooth sailing from here to opening. I’m really looking forward to settling into a routine and getting back on track with a lot of things I’ve let slip in this transition. Because of the turmoil of a big move, and not keeping up with my daily goals, I do feel rather unbalanced right now. It’s amazing what a difference regular sleep cycles, reading, and diet and exercise make in your life. I definitely have not been maintaining a healthy lifestyle here in TX, and it shows.

We’ve settled for the time being in Plano, a Dallas suburb about 30 minutes North-East. We’re leasing an apartment in the downtown district which is experiencing some amazing revitalization right now. My business partner has an extensive background in commercial real estate, so I’ve been learning a lot about it from him. It’s really cool to see how one key retailer can bring new life and traffic to an area. There are reportedly 600 new people moving into the Dallas / Ft. Worth metro area every day, so it’s really awesome to be a part of the incredible growth of the area. We’re so excited to be here and we’re really looking forward to see what the future holds for us. Stay tuned.

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