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Ok, so obviously for me this is tricky because I’d like to respond without whining about how tough it is to have a valid viewpoint and not sound like a spoilt white South African brat while I’m whining. But that’s actually the point, (Imo obviously as with all such conversations.) Because we white Saffricans are basically spoilt brats. And like most spoilt children, we are probably fairly decent, we’re not (all) intrinsically bad or evil, just spoilt, entitled, pampered. We are just so used to being the default, the ones for whom the world is engineered. We are protected and supported. We have an over inflated sense of our own importance. Our egos are full of our perceived importance to the rest of the family. And because we continue to be indulged, we are holding our family to ransom with threats of bad behavior and tantrums in the supermarket.

Even though we are only slightly less than 9% of the population of SA, we still feel that our viewpoint and our position is of far greater importance to everyone else than it justifiably should be. We’re a small minority yet we behave as if we are (at least) on a par with all other groups. Of course lots of conversations can and will still be held about relative power, financial strength and control etc, I could not even start on those and how we untangle them.

With small children who are spoilt, one knows that eventually they will have to face the reality of a world which doesn’t care about them and their hurt feelings. We white Saffricans are at that point. We have to understand that the world, that our countrymen are sick and tired of our tantrums and our slamming doors and pretty soon they’re going to start grounding us, at the very least. Until that is, we can behave like the responsible adults we think we are.

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