The five boroughs of London that are best for moving in

Picking up the right place to live in London might turn out to be a much more complex job that one thinks. The problem is that the capital of our country consists of no less than 33 boroughs that are located on both banks of the River Thames and beyond. Every single one of them has its specifics, identity, crime rate, economy and so on. Usually, people consider their place of residence according to the proximity of good schools, hospitals and transport links to their work. Fortunately, present day London enjoys one of the best developed public transport networks in the world, which includes the oldest Tube network. So transport becomes less of a problem when picking up your new place of residence. Let’s have a look at some of the best and safest boroughs in the capital to live in — those that have low crime rates and relatively considered property prices.

Richmond upon Thames

Richmond upon Thames is, among many other great things, the safest area in London according to the most recent stats. The area has really low crime rates, while at the same time it is really popular with tourists because of such attractions as the National Physical Laboratory, Kew Gardens, Hampton Court Palace, Twickenham Stadium. This makes it a vibrant place that is never dull too.

When you are checking out the area, you should definitely pay a visit to the world famous Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens is a truly marvelous place, for the simple reason that it is the biggest botanical garden on the territory of London as of today, as well as the oldest one too. The place is where you should come if you want to marvel at the beauty of plants, trees and flowers from literally all corners of the world, learn new things and appreciate beauty. Furthermore, Kew Gardens have a very well tailored kid-tour service, which means that your little ones will also have something fun to do while there. We can guarantee you are going to fall in love with the place.


Another great place to live in London is Bexley. Some old-time Londoners might be surprised by the fact, because up until just a couple of decades ago Bexley did not have such a great reputation, but things changed recently with a number of redevelopment and gentrification projects. Efforts by the local authorities and community have also contributed significantly to the eradication of crime in these parts of the capital, which is something to be commended.

Bexley is a rather built up area, but that does not mean there are no nice open green spaces here as well. Some of the biggest parks here are Lesnes Abbey Woods, Danson Park and Hall Place Gardens, which add up a nice touch to the landscape in the borough and offer great opportunities for sports and other recreational activities, so that you will not have to worry about what you are going to do in your free time if you choose to settle down here.


The next place that you need to consider is Sutton. The area enjoys access to some of the best schools in the capital, so if that is a priority for your family, you should definitely consider checking it out. Sutton is safe and very well connected to the rest of London, which includes administrative, shopping, commercial and entertainment areas.

Some of the finest wards and districts that are administratively part of the London Borough of Sutton are as follows:

· Beddington

· Beddington Corner

· Belmont

· Benhilton

· Carshalton

· Carshalton Beeches

· Carshalton on the Hill

· Rose Hill

· St. Helier

· South Beddington

· Sutton (principal town)

· Sutton High Street

Make sure to check out those places when you are exploring the area and before you make your final decision.


Harrow is probably the best epitome of modern day suburbia. If you are looking for peace and quiet that is going to provide you with all the comforts of life in the capital without the stress, strain and hassle of the more central areas, then Harrow is going to provide you with that and more. The area is not only one of the safest, but also the most religiously diverse places in Greater London.

In addition to the number of very comfortable residential areas within the boundaries of the London Borough of Harrow, the place offers some pretty attractive job opportunities in international companies such as Kodak, as well as institutions like the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Ladbrokes, all of which have headquarters based here. Great schools in the area include Bentley Wood High School, Canons High School and Harrow High School, which pupils score pretty good results in comparison to other high schools in London.

Kingston upon Thames

Kingston Upon Thames in the last entry on our list. The area has been known as a thriving market town, and even before that — for being the place of coronation for a number of Anglo-Saxon kings. Today it is rightly considered to be among the best and generally safest places in Greater London, which makes it perfect for you. There are shopping and residential areas in the borough better than most.

Naturally, the so called Coronation Stone, which stands in the grounds of the ancient guildhall, is the most popular landmark in Kingston upon Thames at the current moment. The local markets, schools and of course the pubs and restaurants, are also all of a supreme quality. You will be very happy living in Kingston upon Thames for sure.

Once you have laid your eyes on the exact borough that you would wish to move to, it will be easy for you to find proper accommodations as well as the right moving company such as a licensed man and van in London to help you manage the specifics of the relocation you will be having in the near future.