I procrastinate, do you?

Yes, I have issues juggling so many things I want to do at the same time. Sometimes I would start on something and distract myself to the next without accomplishing the first thing I was doing. Not that I was bored of the first thing, but I always feel that I am running out of time to do stuff that I am interested in.

I realised that if this goes on, I would never accomplish anything in life. Something I found useful which is helpful to beat this issue of mine.

  1. Picture the ultimate benefits — what will be better as a result of getting it done, for you and others? How great will it feel? Think about the last time you’ve done something with such impact.
  2. Plan short term rewards — What are you going to reward yourself with for today’s progress?
  3. Tie the first step to something you like — Identify the first small step you need to take. Then find a way to like that something you are definitely going to do today and that you enjoy doing.
  4. Amplify the downside of inaction — What is the cost of not getting it done? What pre-commitments can you make, ideally involving other people?
  5. Ask the 5 whys — If you’re still find yourself reluctant to make progress, ask yourself 5 “why” questions. What surfaces as the real blockage? What can you do the address that?

Hope this helps you as well. Keep moving.