Take 10

Take your life back, 10 minutes at a time

Take 10 to wake up

Many of us feel tired every morning. It doesn’t matter how many times we hit the snooze button, we still have to force ourselves to get moving. That’s not a particularly promising way to begin our waking life day after day.

Instead of the snooze, try making an agreement with yourself to keep your eyes open once the alarm goes off. You don’t have to get up right away; rather, enjoy this time you get to lay in bed doing nothing. Be honest, do you feel more awake after the snooze than the first alarm? By keeping your eyes open, you will give your body time to gradually come out of its slumber instead of jolting it in and out of consciousness.

If you usually snooze more than once, try giving yourself 20 minutes of wake time.

Take 10 to make a great day

Once you feel awake, sit up and take a few deep breaths. Think of a few good things that have been in your life for awhile, and take time to fully appreciate them. Find a few more reasons to give thanks. Now, imagine yourself having a really good day. What could make you feel great today?

Imagine those things happening today. It’s not enough to read these words: to bring good things to you (as opposed to letting things come) you have to “see” them first by imagining their existence. It’s not important whether these specifically imagined happenings happen, or other good things happen. By letting go of the specifics, you’ll be able to appreciate so many more of the good things happening for you today.

As you imagine this great day, you may see yourself doing activities that support positive progress. Add any new actions to your todo list, and find time to do one or more.

Finally, you can say “thank you” for this great day that is happening, before the day even unfolds. This further confirms that good things are coming. Giving thanks for the future may seem strange, but why not try and see what happens?

By giving gratitude and imagining positive outcomes, you set the attitude by which you will process the events of the day. You will notice more of the good things that happen, and therefore perpetuate them. Occurrences that might have annoyed you on another day will float by without drawing your attention whatsoever.

Take 10 to reward yourself

For every hour you get things done, or for every major task you complete, give yourself 10 minutes to enjoy just being. This will help you enjoy your time working while actually making you more productive. It may seem counter-intuitive that taking work breaks will help you do more work, but setting aside time to relax will keep you working more intentionally. Going several hours without a break will put you in zombie mode, and you’ll spend a lot of time going through the motions without making much real progress.

Take 10 to get outside

It’s so important. Human beings have always lived with nature. We are not meant to stay inside all the time. Yet with our houses, workplaces, and vehicles, we can literally go our entire day without stepping foot on actual earth.

Go outside. Take your shoes off and wiggle your toes in the grass. Feel the sunshine on your face. Look at the clouds and realize that you’ll never see the same scene twice. Listen to the birds sing, and whistle back at them. Climb into a tree and notice how truly majestic it is. You may write these off as child’s play, but they feel good! Give yourself that.

Anytime, for any reason, take 10 and enjoy.

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