“Parallel To My Past Life” or “The Long Lessons Learned”

As some of my former interns might remember, I am a firm believer that the most important quality in being a successful journalist is being able to leave your comfort zone from time-to-time.


Relax. It is not like I ever dumped an intern off in the wilderness to deal with the elements.

But to do what journalists do, you won’t be able to start by just picking up phones… it takes a lot of time to network and build connections. So, I half-expect the look of awkwardness and intimidation brewing when I ask them to go out and interview a complete stranger.

Like a volcano, those bubbles brewing are either active or dormant. Be bold and reap the reward. Or stay stagnant and accept mediocrity.

This was what I always hoped I instilled on my interns. Don’t be shy.

Fast-forward now to the present where things have become a bit stagnant in my own life.

Despite my aspirations and high hopes I seemed to have reverted back to my adolescence for a brief lapse in time, asking myself the same kind of self deprecating dribble I would have asked when I was a 17-year-old high school graduate with the world ahead of him.

“What am I doing wrong?” I wonder to myself. “And how can I fix ‘it’ if I don’t know what ‘it’ is?” The defeatist questions I ask so many times before continue to cycle through my mind.

But wait… did I forget my own lesson?!

Determined to make my own path in life, I have to be bold and daring and no longer afraid to ask for what I want.

For now, this must be my mantra. I hope it helps you as it continues to help me.