Google Summer of Code — 2016

Google Summer of Code was kind of a dream I had, even before this year (2016) is started. So I went through several published projects and It was very interesting to see a project with Apache Derby. I have used Derby for my previous project Secure Password Management System. More than that I am a girl who love to experience the low level stuff like Database Systems, Application Servers. Specially curious to see how really these low level world is so smart :).

My mentor really helped guiding me. It is really a privilege to work with Apache Software Foundation.

What is Apache Derby ?

Apache Derby is a Relational Management System implemented in JAVA and Derby has a small footprint. Apache Derby provides embedded JDBC driver that gives the facility to embed Derby in any Java program. Derby also supports more familiar Server/Client functionality with the Derby Network Client driver and Derby Network Server.

The tools that comes with derby are ij and dblook. ij is an interactive SQL scripting tool that comes with Derby that can be used with embedded framework or with a client JDBC driver. dblook is a Scheme extraction tool for Derby Database.

You can start using Derby following the instructions here.

Background of the project

Derby has been an active Apache project with many contributors for years. But still a significant number of challenging and interesting bugs remain in the Derby source code. The Derby JIRA has collected the community’s knowledge about known bugs and improvements in Derby, and there are plenty of bugs to work on. The idea of the project is to fix as many of the known open bugs in Derby as possible. After fixing issues, those must be reviewed and accepted by the community. These contributions will be committed to the next Derby release.

The objective of this project is to resolve challenging bugs currently in the source code and contribute towards a more stable version od Apache Derby. If the all selected bugs are completed before time perios ends, New issues can be selected to work on.

Before starting the project, I have selected 9 issues that are in JIRA including bugs and new improvements.

Lets see how summer of code continues..

Thanks for Reading !!!

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