How to connect Raspberry pi to the Laptop Display.

Can we use Raspberry pi without having a HDMI Display? The answer is yes. You just need a network cable connected as the image given below. How can you achieve this. Follow the instructions below.


If you are using Windows, you need to configure the network settings to take IP address to obtain automatically. If you are already familiar with this or you have done this before just go to the Step 2.

This is the way how it is done in Windows 8.1

  1. Search Control Panel in Start window and open it.
  2. You can see Network and Internet there. Click it.
  3. Go to Network and Sharing Center.
  4. There you can see an link to network adapter settings in the left side of the window as shown below. click it.

5. Then write click on the Ethernet icon and go to properties of it. Then you can see the following window. Click on Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)

6. Click on properties and change as follows.


If you are booting raspberry pi for the first time, You need

  1. HDMI Display
  2. Mouse and Key Board

You need above two only for the first time. After you have set up Raspberry pi for first time, You need to configure the IP address of Raspberry pi. You can do it with following instructions.

Connect network cable to raspberry pi and Laptop. In the terminal of Raspberry pi type thr following command.

sudo ifconfig eth0

The IP address must be in the range of 169.254.X.X (–

Then type following command, and check your IP address.

hostname -I

Then in Laptop’s terminal type


to find the LAN adapter address in laptop.

Then type in Raspberry pi’s terminal

ping ‘Address of Laptop’

Address of Laptop can be or other. This is what yoy get from the command ipconfig in Windows terminal

Then you may get many responses. Then the connection is fine. You need to make this ip address permanent. If not you may loose this IP address when you again reboot the raspberry PI.

Make the Raspberry PI’s IP address permanent

You have to edit the cmdline.txt in Raspberry pi for this. follow the commands given below.

  1. copy the current file
sudo cp /boot/cmdline.txt /boot/cmdline_normal.txt

2. open cmdline.txt with nano

sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

3. At the end of the line add following


Then exit typing ctrl+X and y.


Now You need to download and putty and Xming to your laptop.You can download putty from here and install it.You can download Xming from here and install it.

Open putty now. Give the IP address as follow.

Enable X11 as follows.

Then you can connect to the raspberry pi by clicking Open. give your username and password of the Raspberry pi.Start the Xming Server.If you want to get the terminal type lxterminal on the command line window.

When you want to get the window screen of the raspberry pi type pcmanfm on the command line window.

Enjoy Raspberry PI!!!!!!!!!!!