Brazilian education lacks confidence

Today Brazilian government decided Art is no longer a must-subject for high school. Well, it is upsetting. First because it comes from people the nation is struggling to accept as its representatives and leaders, after Dilma Rousseff was ousted from office. Now all decisions are coming doomed with lack of trust. It is a symptom — new leaders always consider decisions taken by the former one were huge mistakes.

But second because this non-stop discussion about what should be essential and what should not is always coming to a ground of selecting front and center issues without giving the school itself a saying on the matter. This is a sin many governments have done. The speech seems to be clear to me — when we spend time reconsidering what school should be saying it is because we still see it as a reproductive space for what the world is outside. We fail to give the school itself space to create its own priorities and discourse.

No teachers were heard. Society was never consulted. School seemed to be just curricula. But we know studying is not just a table of contents to be evaluated and eventually open big or small doors. It can be much more! Recently I was asked by my bosses what students actually were. After giving a little concern, I told them “students are those who are asleep and it is my job to awake them”. School is about inspiring. School is about setting a scenario where dreams and purposes may exist. School is about getting the world and transforming it. This role won’t be appropriately performed if we allow a set of political beliefs to keep up imposing the school what things it should be saying. Art can always help us. Freedom to choose certainly will.

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