In search of a higher purpose

One of the greatest and most inspiring events in my life was when as a child, the book “Things fall Apart “ by Chinua Achebe had been tossed on my small bamboo table in the barracks and with a smile, I had been told to understand what secrets lay within its pages.

The world has no end, and what is good among one people is an abomination with other

As a child I may not have understood the instructions, but something within my heart was happy to take up the challenge: the willingness to impress as a young man was for me a driving force.

I admit it took me almost three months to properly understand the message behind traditional ways of doing things and the unwilling embrace of Western civilization. Yet by the time I had completed the last page, I was still wondering if I had done something wrong. If I had through personal decisions and self inflicted believe systems, walked the same path that the major character had threaded.

These thoughts, as I remember were the building blocks of reasoning upon which the craving for hunger that began to eat deep into my minds eye began.

No, not hunger for food. He is not hungry who is not fed, true hunger and thirst in a man is for wisdom and the quest for deeper wisdom or the desire to know something new, something different from what he has known all his life-Don’t we all have that same yearning sometimes?

Where am I driving to, you will ask?

The answer is right before you. How do you create a longing in the life of humanity to seek knowledge and yearn for something new?

How do you encourage youths, young women and the masses to take knowledge and education as the tools with which they build a better future or the weapon with which they fight the cause?

This is a burden that for years have continued to stir my thoughts.

It is my belief that whatsoever I may have read from the pages of the many volume that my father had tempted me with to build a willingness for new knowledge, may have changed my perspective of life and thus moulded me into a better person. And that whatever I read after that were of better seeding in my thoughts because the first had done it’s work.

To every author, every blogger, create something that will lead someone who has never loved reading to start on a journey that will climax in a never ending story of search for meaning and new ideas.


I am still searching for a better way to create a punctuation style.

Finally in the words of the very author upon whose book I started my journey in search of wisdom

“If you don’t like my story,write your own”

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