Girls, Boys and Technology
Kristen Lopez

“ Mark drunkenly decides to invent a website that ranks girls based on their looks, with Fincher delineating the college campus into two groups — males who love it and females who hate it, with little overlap in-between.”

If you’re writing about technology in cinema, you need to represent the portions of the movies you’re writing about accurately.

This scene was more important than Mark Zuckerburg’s “Face swap (or match, or whatever)”, otherwise it would be useless to the movie. This scene was really the first time we got a glimpse into Mark’s technical aptitude. He has to hack into the individual servers for each House, meeting different levels of security for each one, in order to gather the pictures to use.

He then created the service, which very quickly garnered so much popularity it actually crashed Harvard’s servers. That’s why when Mark first met the Winklevoss twins, they didn’t say: “Hey cool website putting chicks against each other, rape man!”, they were in disbelief Mark could put up a service and garner enough traffic to crash the Harvard servers.

This was a very important scene, and if all you got out of it was “Mark drunkenly decides to invent a website” — maybe your representation in tech is exactly where it needs to be.