Interesting thing about that — nowhere on the Wikileaks site do I see anything claiming that all…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

You’re making a mistake here — Megyn Kelly wasn’t reading an email directly from Wikileaks. Some independent blogger (or shifty journalist) doctored the entire email and created the story (there were more than a few of these — and I was able to quickly determine they were false). Megyn Kelly should’ve apologized for not verifying that the email existed or not, because it doesn’t.

You can easily search the Podesta emails for the phrase “Bucket of losers” (quotes force a phrase search) and receive no results, which suggests the email simply does not exist.

I have a hard time believing Wikileaks isn’t credible because an individual doctored an email and created a story out of whole cloth, and no one decided to check Wikileaks to see if the email ACTUALLY exists.

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