Day Two at the Andela “College”

The feedback I got from the previous’ day exercises was encouraging. In pursuit of keeping this up and performing better, I set out my goals for today the previous night.

My aim is to put my best in today’s exercises. I started by reviewing my knowledge of writings skills. Thanks to the materials on net, I checked some seminar videos and also read up some articles.

Next was to understand API calls, with the aim of implementing them with node command line application. This was quite challenging for me. I wanted to have my program written in two different files, in order to avoid having many lines of code. But this was not attained because I got errors. But this didn’t stop me, I later resolved in reorganizing my code and simplified it more in just one file. This was a relief because my application performed as expected. I successfully implemented a simple command line Trivia Quiz application that requires an answer from the user.

The next task was to practice questions on “word count” and also on “Reverse String”. This practice help in solving the Andela’s Qualified test.

Today has been a huge success, indeed the pathway to the top is through the rungs.