Interesting Attributes of 3 Team Mates.

The most interesting attributes of my 3 teammates in The untouchable team. first, when I saw 3 I remembered 3-idiots movie haha!! do you know why I laugh? because the movie is so funny and interesting please go and watch if you haven’t.
This is how it all began, It all started on Monday at the beginning of this week when our LFA(Bernard Mulobi) created a slack group for team The untouchable team is made up of 7 members with brilliant minds.I have to admit we have a great facilitator Bernard Mulobi. He is also there for us I mean, he dedicated his time to facilitate our learning, address our mistakes in a respectable manner, and help us to solve them.
The first team I would talk about is Allan Ibutiti the guys are generous and always ready to help when someone is stuck with a challenge Big up Bro.
The second teammate I would to talk about is Harith Javed “mtoto wa pwani” They said people from the coast are lazy! I disagree on that because this dude Harith he’s just different, always on time and usually shared with us some learning materials.
Lastly, I want to talk about this “American” Michael Brian. A great team player is never afraid of asking questions and sought for solutions when he gets stuck which is really great.
All in all The untouchable Team members are all great and I can’t meet if not all of you then some of you.