Benefits of Taxi App Solutions in Taxi Industry — United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain has a culture and Legacy of its own and like any other country when it comes to the modern economic scenes. Boasting of Universities that are more than 800 years old and a royal Bloodline that has been keeping its lineage for more than 1000 years, the United Kingdom has a very special place when it comes to keeping its traditions and cultures.

Taxi App Development

In all of this, it cannot be denied that the United Kingdom has been flexible to accept change in the essential aspects of life. While the Hackneys and Remises have remained unmistakable cultural identities of Great Britain, the country has also been welcoming and flexible towards app-based cab booking services like Uber.

On-demand cabs have their own set of advantages, both for the users and the businesses. Let us look at the benefits that these services bring to the table.

Benefits for the Users

Availability — There was a time when you had to find a place where they could possibly get a cab. This would mean that they have to walk a considerable distance to find a cab that could take them to the destination. There are also possibilities that the cab, even if found, might not agree for the ride. With Uber, all these inconveniences have disappeared. The user can get a cab at any time.

At-The-Doorstep Service — As discussed earlier, services like Uber eliminated the need for Rider to travel from one place to another point with the Global positioning system coordinates, the driver can reach the exact pickup point of the customer.

Competitive Pricing — One of the biggest changes that Uber has affected is in terms of changing the cab business from being driver-centric to customer-centric. This would mean that the prices are fixed and competitive. If the driver is likely to get a lot of rides, they do not have to push up their pricing. The user, in the end, gets the benefit because of the reduced cost of the ride.

Multiple Options — Finding a cab alone was a difficult task. Finding the one that suits your requirement was even more difficult. Sometimes, you needed a luxury car to go to everything. Sometimes you need an SUV to carry 7 people for a short picnic. With these on-demand cab services, it is possible to get a cab of your choice.

Rating & Review Systems — If you are dissatisfied with a driver, the review and rating system ensures that your feedback is termed as valuable. A lot of bad ratings for the driver could result in some disciplinary action. This was not possible with the classical cab booking system. While there were legal requirements, minor behavioral issues could not have been addressed if not for the review and rating system.

Safety & Accountability — The rating system, the panic button and the fact that a massive brand is behind the service that you are taking ensure that you are in a relatively safer cab than otherwise. Safety is one of the aspects has been facing both applause and flak when it comes to aggregating services like Uber.

Benefits for Businesses

The success of Uber has prompted a lot of business people to start their own cab services. The growing number of cab service providers only means that the market is wide and open to accommodate new players. There are a lot of advantages that businesses can experience in the cab booking segment.

More Customers — The need for transportation is universal. People constantly need to move from one point to another. Also, the expectation of comfort has considerably increased. Given all of these, there is quite a possibility that a lot of users use the taxi booking app. It might not be an exaggeration to say that every mobile phone user is a potential customer. With this kind of a customer base, the business might not want to miss out on small bits of revenue spread across a large number of people.

Multiple Channels Of Revenue — There are different ways in which apps like Uber on their revenue. They take a commission from the driver for the ride that they facilitated. They also charge a cancellation fee on the users if they do not cancel a writer within a specified time limit. In addition to that, there are also subscription models that have been introduced of late. This not only gets you the revenue but also retains the customer over an extended period of time.

Possibility Of Expansion Into Other Transports — As we had discussed a couple of paragraphs ago, the need for transportation is universal. Sometimes, it is the utility that trumps comfort and any other superficial factor. This would mean that a service like Uber can expand into other modes of transport like bike taxis. We have seen Uber offer boat and helicopter services in places like Dubai. It might not be long before taxi services in the United Kingdom expand into other modes of transport as well.

Expansion Of Business-Offerings — Come to think of it, a cab service has a vital bits of information like the contact number and the exact location of a user. Just like how Uber created UberEats, there is always a possibility to expand the gamut of services being offered. With the growing popularity of super applications like WeChat and Go-Jek, you would get a head start much ahead of your competitors who are trying to establish a user base to start with.

‘Driver-Partners’ — One of the biggest challenges of any company is in legal formalities and taxation. Uber, in its nascent days, received a lot of Legal challenges on the status of the company and the services offered. Today, there is not much of confusion in establishing a taxi app development company. However, when it comes to paying the employees, these companies circumvent the problem by calling their drivers as partners. So technically, they are not paying them a salary but a share of the revenue that is earned.

The Future

The need for transportation is here to stay. It might undergo an evolution or even a Revolution. One such revolution that is expected to take over the world of transportation soon is the magic of driver less cars.

Driver less cars have been practically tested by companies like Google, Apple, and Tesla. Uber has expressed its interest to partner with Google in testing driver less transportation services. This automation is expected to save a lot of money and establish better safety.


Given the mindset of the people of the United Kingdom, launching a Taxi App solution in the UK would be a great idea for an entrepreneur to create a new profitable business. By launching a mobile taxi app in the United Kingdom they get to capitalize on one of the most dynamic users who have been quite welcoming towards a change.

With the availability of clones of Uber, and by hiring the best app developers in the UK, you can create a customized app for your taxi service in a very short period of time.



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