How Graduates Can Develop A More Entrepreneurial Mindset (in 2 mins)


I’ve had to pull out one of my Get-me-the -FOOK- Outta- jail cards this week….

I had spent bloody ages typing an article about called How I dealt with the Most Unproductive Day of my Life feat. Rotisserie Chickens’

The Productivity bit was a piece of piss.

The Rotisserie Chickens, Not so much.

So I’ve sacked that off for a few weeks, will come back to it… any ideas on analogies for productivity (other than Rotisserie Chickens) holla at ya boi.

I’ve started a new job as London Sales Co-ordinator for a start-up called Juice It (second employee) … essentially I have to compile a research report on London’s Juice Market.

Many Tubes. Lot’s of walking (feet feel like they’ve been twatted by a sledge hammer) and just generally been feeling mardy.

Then last night I dislocated my shoulder in the gym… Tell you what A & E really saps the life out of you. You walk in met by a sea of depressed faces thinking, everyone looking, yet thinking the same thing ‘Hhmmmm wonder whats wrong with him?’

*As you approach the Check In bit- you see their ears light up. Nosey fuckers.*

‘Hiya, how’s it going, Name, Date of Birth, First Line of Address?

‘What’s wrong with you this afternoon’

‘I can’t stop crapping my pants????!!!!! ‘

*turn around to sea of people, cheeky wink*

‘You thought it was the shoulder didn’t you. Silly Mugs!!’

BUT this article is still valuable How You Can Have a More Entrepreneurial Mindset in Two Minutes…

Where is our Generation always looking?

Our Phones. Don’t believe me?

Get on a tube for 4 stops everyone is fascinated by their blower. I for one don’t blame them, the tube is a horrifying place, packed in like corporate battery chickens, struggling for air, wondering when we are going to be taken to the corporate chicken factory.

‘Get off your phone… it’s rude to be on your phone at the table… No phones please’

Most of us, myself included spend a lot of time on social media and looking on our phones. So How do we have a more Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Over the years… well since 2012… I’ve collected some unwanted clutter… some pain in the arse.. get OUT MY FACE FOOL nonsense…

Tools, Helmets, Bellends, Knob Jockies, Mugs… polluting my social media and more importantly if I am ALWAYS looking at my phone… unfortunately, I’m always looking at this shit.

In 2012, I wanted to be on Made in Chelsea AND have the odd cameo on T.O.W.I.E

I wanted to POP bottles in the club, I wanted to venture out to Sugar Hut… meet some of the Essex Boys (my type of lads)

My point is, that over the years, our perspectives on life change. BUT we still have a lot of clutter from our previous perspectives. My Instagram feed was fuelled with some utter BOLLOCKS.

Some bird drinking some special Fat loss Tea, whilst Whitening her teeth and shitting out a Protein World Shake.

Or some RAH RAH Chump- Who Guess What? WAS ON THE KINGS- FUCKING- ROAD! Who’d have thought??!!

Balls deep in a Blue Bird lunch with his ‘bro’s’.

If I’m spending an hour (minimum) looking at social media a day… why not at least have some interesting shit on there..some stuff that will motivate me and ignite my creativity muscles.

Do the following. It WILL give you a more entrepreneurial perspective.change your perspective (at least it has mine)

  1. Delete your clutter… you’ll definitely have some and it’s liberating when you delete it.
  2. Delete 10 accounts to be specific.
  3. Replace those 10 accounts with these 10 accounts.
  4. Be more entrepreneurial, creative and productive.
  5. Gary Vayner Chuck– if he doesn’t get you up for I don’t know who will!
  6. Tai Lopez– Guy has fucking four Lamborghini’s and tells you how to be an entrepreneur. Easy
  7. Lewis Howes– very good podcast but posts lots of good quotes on a daily basis, let it filter into your subconscious.
  8. Paul Smith — the man behind the clothing label, uploads something creative every day and a great insight into what he’s like (plus his clothes are banging) and how you can get creative inspiration from anywhere
  9. Rob Moore– The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob takes complex processes and whittles them down to very simple ideas. (The best for anyone thinking about starting up or pursuing an idea). YOU NEED to listen to his podcast, though:
  10. Bradley Simmonds– creative workouts, the more creative stuff you watch, the more creative you become.
  11. James Altucher (my favorite)- love this guys podcast, he is very honest about his failures- which makes you think it’s fine to fail, but importantly how to deal with failure, rejection
  12. Foundr Magazine- the Entrepreneurial magazine for our generation, loads of banging advice on there from starting up a business, being productive etc. , link here
  13. Chase Jarvis– this bloke basically came up with the idea for Instagram before Instagram nicked it. Lots of cool, creative photography and entrepreneurial stuff.
  14. Screw Corporate Think Entrepreneur- daily insights into what I’m reading, how I’m being creative, failures and general life shit.

So remove the clutter, follow those accounts, when you look at your phone… at least you’ll be looking at the good and proper stuff and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to get going on your own. Need further advice? Join my Facebook group and tell me what to write about next…

Originally published at on February 19, 2017.