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Donald Trump has a “survey” he wants his supporters to take. You can take it by clicking below. The survey is not scientific. It is self selected, on the web, for anybody to take, and anybody can take it. I took it. In fact, I took it SEVEN TIMES! And I got a confirmation email thanking me each time. Wait…. let me make it an even 10 times… hold on…. Okay I’m back. I goofed and voted four more times instead of 10. My bad, LOL!!! And yes, I got four more thank you confirmation emails. So I voted 11 times.

Here is the trick you can use if you are Trump supporter. Go there and take the survey. Answer the questions. Don’t worry they are leading questions that no scientific “libtard” polling organization would dare use, so you know the answers Trump is fishing for. After you have completed all the answers, and filled out your info, then you will see a big red button that says “Record My Vote.” Click that. Now you have voted! Now click the BACK button on your browser. That puts you right back in the survey with everything filled out like before. So all you have to do to record a second vote is to click “Record My Vote Again.” Then his BACK in your browser again, and keep repeating. This is the best most reliable survey in history!

So go ahead and take this survey. Vote HUNDREDS of times. Get your family and friends to vote hundreds of times. Make American Great and Honest again!!!!!!!

Donald Trump will use this bogus … um… I mean brilliantly unbiased and scientific survey to PROVE that he is the most loved person in the history of mankind!

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