It has been nearly five years since I agreed to join Fortune, which I initially viewed as a short-term refuge from what had become an unworkable situation at Reuters. A few months later my daughter was born and, for me, the two became fused in my mind as the beginning of my real “adulthood” (yeah, it happened kinda late).

But that also has meant early mornings spent juggling a young kid and intense newsletter writing. It can be fun, but is almost always exhausting.

So I wanted to tell you that I’m making a change. I’ve decided to… take a two-week vacation.

I felt now was the best time to spend 14 consecutive days away from journalism. Really, I can hardly believe I’m doing it. 14 whole days of sleeping in and riding my bike and doing home repairs and taking my daughter to the beach. Then, of course, right back to Fortune and business as usual.

Thanks in advance for your congratulatory tweets…

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Axios biz editor. Ex-Fortune. Get my next newsletter at www.Axios.com

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