🔥 7 Easy Strategies For Instagram Stories 🔥

One thing that I love about Facebook is that they are constantly innovating and progressing with their applications.

It’s amazing to see such a large corporation have the fluidity to execute new features with a deftness that puts even “cooler” social platforms (i.e. Snapchat) to shame. 😎

Though Facebook Stories have been slow to catch on, Instagram Stories have proven to be a major success. With over 250 million DAILY active users (probably higher now — this stat is from June), Instagram Stories is a feature that no brand should overlook.

Here, I’m going to outline 7quick and easy strategies that’ll help you see immediate results by using Instagram stories.

Content Strategy: Stories are a great way to be more playful and creative with your brand. Like Snapchat, the posts expire after 24 hours while the impressions help boost your Instagram reach and engagements in the analytics.

These are a fun way to either tell stories 🙃 and share moments of your day. Behind the scenes content is always cool.

Featuring other people is great. Influencers use this tactic a lot for a passive way (share for share) and grow each other’s fanbases. You can @ mention them in your posts.

Posting a screenshot of a funny meme can show a more humane side, reducing some of the stuffiness that many brands tend to exhibit.

You can also leverage the fun filters and features to make playful “candy content”. 15 second videos can later be downloaded and compiled into a mashup video to be used and repurposed for content on other platforms.

Immediate Brand Awareness: Just Post! (I told you this would be easy)

A theory of mine — based on the personal experience of managing over a dozen different Instagram accounts (sizes range from 2,000–550,000 followers) — is that posting regularly to stories opens up the algorithm on your main feed.

Adhering to Instagram’s best practices will get you the best results. Whenever I post to stories, I see a slight increase in engagement on the overall account.

Another thing I’ve noticed from my personal behavior, while watching other people’s stories, is that I sometimes click their profile image and end up scrolling their timeline, liking some posts in the process. I don’t know if other people behave like this, so your feedback would be helpful.

Massive Brand Awareness: Influencers! Unless you have a cool product or service an influencer is willing to trade for a post, you’ll want to set aside a budget.

That said, Stories posts by influencers are generally a fraction of the cost of a standard post. They’re also less invasive and people tend to be more forgiving of a sponsored shoutout on a stories post over a standard timeline post.

Geo-Tagging: Geotags are a great way to get exponential brand awareness. If you’re in a large city, use a specific location or a smaller town — with less competition, you have a shot in ending up in the community stories.

I normally get around to 40–70 views on my personal Instagram (I’m no influencer) but when I geo-tag my location, I occasionally get 500 views.

Polls: Polls are also great to maintain engagement while crowdsourcing ideas with Yes/No questions (you can also edit the captions of yes/no to include different phrases).

My client and friend (skyjessen) recently out-shined me on his Instagram skills. We were discussing what kind of content to post when he took the initiative to ask his followers in a poll. We shifted our strategy to their preference and post engagement has increased.

Relationship building: Don’t forget the social aspect of social media. Shouting out fans and other brands you collaborate with can cause a reciprocating effect for them to shout you out too. Plus, it’s a nice reminder to let others know you’re thinking of them. ❤️

Website Traffic: Many pages now have an option to add a link — influencers are ideal for this and their story post is usually cheaper than a main post.

I have a friend who gets 100k-500k views per story (he has a big page). By adding a link (and a “Swipe Up” call-to-action) he sometimes gets 10,000 clicks to his site. Even at a conservative estimate, he is getting a Click-Thru-Rate of 2–3%.

The average CTR of a Facebook ad is around 0.9% (Wordstream).

Not all accounts have the “Swipe Up” feature. I tend to see it on larger pages. This feature will likely be available to most (or all) accounts in the future. Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram are very non-transparent about a lot of things.

A note on Hashtags for Stories. I’ve seen a great impact on Instagram posts (especially with smaller accounts) by leveraging the proper use of hashtags.

That said, I haven’t seen much of an impact or practicality on the Stories. I haven’t looked too deep into using the story hashtags properly, but from my little experience testing the occasional post, I’ve seen no impact.

Conclusion: That’s it! Instagram is constantly innovating, so by the time I hit the “Publish” button on this post, there may already be a new feature I missed.

The best advice I could give is to try things out for yourself. Every account has a different personality, so it’s important for you to test new things as you discover your own groove.

And don’t overcomplicate things. Simplicity is a luxury that anyone can afford. Social media is meant to be a fun way to communicate and engage with other people. Don’t forget that.