tl;dr: it’s not about which microphone you buy

Broadcasting On Air sign

Maximum listens, minimal time

To create a blockbuster podcast as efficiently as possible, you need to plan, plan, and plan some more.
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Top lessons from starting my business at 39 instead of 24

Why Gary Vee is wrong, and microburnout awareness

Are you lazy and cynical, love lasagna and sleeping, and hate Mondays and exercise? You might not want to be a founder.

Crying in public? It’s just part of the journey.

For founders, taking care of your health might be your most important strategic objective

“Mommy’s gonna buy you an ice cream sundae,”


Dan Radin

Auxbus founder/CEO: podcast-creation platform for brands. 15-year audio tech product guy, drummer, husband. Try Auxbus (we’re in beta) free at

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