Have you ever thought about the importance of your business logo? Some business owners seem to underestimate the power of the logo and the importance that it plays in the overall brand and image of the company. Just think about it, the logo is the first thing that your client will see! It is the face of your company.

A brand is how the client perceives and views your company. It represents the culture of your business. Does the client view you as a conservative old-fashioned business or does the client see you as a modern, fun, and creative brand? Are you perceived as a top company in your industry? Are you known to provide exceptional customer service and give back to the community?

Yes, these are all the questions that your brand can and should answer, and while the logo is just a part of your branding strategy, it still plays a role in creating that first impression for your potential client. And we all know that first impressions matter!

This is why our team works hard to tell the story of your brand. We believe that it’s crucial for a business to make that investment towards creating a professional quality logo that tells a true story of your company.

At Levitation, we follow our own believes and advices, and as a result, we began a re-branding process of our own by recently updating our company logo. As our CEO and Creative Director had mentioned in one of the previous blog posts: “Levitation Creative Agency started in the beginning of 2014 as a video-production studio. But soon we realized that video, although can be very effective, is not the only thing our client may need. So, in time Levitation Studio accumulated skills, technologies and inspiration and evolved into a full-range creative agency, named Levitation Creative Agency.”

Because of this new step in our business, we felt that our previous logo (shown below as “before”) no longer represented our brand. Levitation was not a video production company anymore, it is now a full-service creative agency! We don’t want our potential clients to get confused, right? We want our clients to see Levitation as a professional, fun, modern, and experienced creative agency. As a result, our team got to work and updated our logo (shown below as “after”) to perfectly represent our brand.

From that said, have you analyzed your logo lately? Do you feel that it represents your brand well? How are your clients reacting to it? We would love to discuss further with you and see how our team can assist your business by emailing us at contact@levitationagency.com

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