Town Meeting Day 2016 on Social Media

On town meeting day 2016, I was sent out as a photographer for the towns of Bradford and Newbury. In both instances, live tweeting the content of the meetings would have been very useful. The main issue both towns were discussing was whether or not to buy a new fire truck. In the end, both towns tabled the issue and chose to vote on it at a later day. But beyond the issue of the fire truck, the entire contents of each meeting could have been very useful to know if live tweeted. Along with simply live tweeting these meetings; the reporters could have also included the proposed budget and tax increases for the year. All of this requires careful attention to detail and solid prior research on not only issues facing the towns in 2016, but from the previous years town meeting. I say reporters because not only was I not informed of which towns I would be covering as a photographer until the week before, I was also a lot more focused on shooting the meeting and making sure that I got the important issues and the crowd’s reaction on camera. In the future, those with professional social media accounts would be wise to live tweet, not only as an alternative to note taking, but also as a way to keep viewers engaged.

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